Master P wants to be the first hip hop coach in the NBA


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The music mogul told cameras that Pelicans superstar Zion Williamson and his family would be happy with the move.​

If you've been keeping up with the NBA, you likely already know that the New Orleans Pelicans recently just fired head coach Stan Van Gundy after spending just one season with the team. Following the move, reports surfaced suggesting Pelicans power forward Zion Williamson's family is upset with the team.

As for who should be considered to man the helm of the team now, TMZ Sports recently spoke with rap mogul Master P, née Percy Miller, about the drama surrounding his hometown team. The former basketball player, who also has two sons he's coached through their high school career, told the outlet that he thinks he would be an excellent fit as the new head coach, adding that Zion and his family would be very satisfied with the move.



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