Making the Band 2


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Da Band is my family, dog. No matter what the label head [says], we are the ones that walked to get the cheesecake.

Im so glad no of these cats crabbed the band or pledge a FRAT or Sorority.
That cheesecake thing was nothing!!!!!

Dylan sitt yo stuppid azz down and get own with your life. You entire career is about to be about "FUK Diddy". Stop cry h0e.


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So Die-Lawn was the one that got the foot in the azz. :lol:
I was CTFU when P-Drippy told him to leave right now, and don't take his stuff because they were keeping it. :lol: And then he was standing there in a big yellow robe to boot. :lol:


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Looks like Die-Lawn has been busy since P-Drippy gave him the foot.



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Re: Making the Band 2:p. Diddy disbands Da Band

NEW YORK (AP) -- On the Thursday night season finale of MTV's "Making the Band 2," P. Diddy -- a.k.a. rapper/entrepreneur/Broadway star Sean Combs -- finally had enough of his rap group's constant drama.

So he decided to dismantle the crew rather than release a follow-up album to their 800,000-copy-selling debut, "Too Hot For TV."

"Initially my goal with Da Band was to make sure the world saw realistically how serious hip-hop was," Diddy told The Associated Press on Thursday. "So at times it was kind of embarrassing to me the way they were portraying themselves. ... The venture with Da Band was successful because it had the TV backing. But at the end of the day, it's not worth me getting money for something I think misrepresents what [my record label] Bad Boy and hip-hop is about."

By misrepresenting, Diddy meant all the screaming arguments, scuffles, missed appointments, legal entanglements and frequent hardheadedness that the six-member group displayed during two seasons on the hit MTV reality show.

Diddy has an MTV production deal, which could possibly result in another "Making The Band" with a whole new set of would-be superstars.


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I have not seen the show yet.diddy is a cold dude. i think he knew he would not keep all these folks on . too many people to pay too.i never trusted diddy. he is only looking out for his own neck.just like he did shyne and BIG.i say more power to dylan for confronting this fool diddy. he sold 100 million records worldwide . he only rapped on 3 songs by himself. christopher wallace sold 100million records and mace and foxy .he ain't sold nothin but bs to folks.i can't wait to download dylan cd to hear that hot