Magic City Classic Parties


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Magic City Classic WEEK info

man you know the whole city will be jumpin for the 60th Annual Magic City Classic!

French Quarters
Smitty City

and many more clubs I cant remember the name of them! but I will get back with you on that!

also 1st ave will be jumpin off da chain both Friday and Saturday night like every year and this is also where a few of the clubs are located! just a MCC tradition that us AAMU-ASU students love to take part in cuz we get to talk smack before and after the game! also people will be cruising back and forth up 1st Ave.......or standing out on the curves hanging out and meeting people

more details to come.......

Killer Bees

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I thought Platinum murdered French Quarter's business. Last time I was in Bham, it was closed down. Did they reopened it?


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I couldnt even tell you forreal cuz Im in Normal!

yall Bham people speak up......thats yall hometown:rolleyes: :confused: :D