Lookout for FAMU Marching 100


Smooth as ICE '06' Style
We are going to embarrass some SWAC schools when we come to town. Your fans will never be the same after we show up. Get ready…

Bruh, you already know that The Human Jukebox ain't scared of no FAMU 100! You saw the way we Bum Rushed Bragg in 2019, but hey I'm glad that y'all are here with us in the SWAC, especially from a Academic standpoint! Welcome Rattlers

co jack

Da 100, you already know....
The 100 is playing to be in Huntsville and Baton Rouge this year.
This will be epic...Someone told me that FAMU and AAMU haven't seen each other since the 60's or 70's.....I was told A&M came to Tallahassee and made a rocket on the field (with smoke)....the smoke clouded the stadium for a long time and had people gagging....One of the directors at FAMU said to A&M "don't bring that mess back to Tally anymore🤣🤣🤣...

atl hornet

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FAMU y’all is alright.

it’s Cookman I have an issue with. They’re stuck in 2002. At least FAMU plays current music. Hope y’all don’t ever change your style.