Let's talk about Soul Food

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Have you all seen the cartoon that follows Soul Food called "Sistahs in The City" (something like that). I think its funny them showing black women sexed crazed (well its like that in real life anyway so its really not a big deal). They show two episodes that are five minutes long apiece. Dawn Lewis' voice is used as the main character.


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Thanks for the updates.

This is the last season???

Man, I was watching that show religiously last season, and it just fell off my radar.

Why did Terri break up with Damon?


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Man, tonights episode was off the chain....Bird was going off on everybody....when she said what she said to Teri.. I was like :uhoh: :eek:

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I saw some show after Soul Food....that was the dumbes women I've ever seen...brotha kicking her azz and she actually stayed until the end....typical

as for Soul Food..I guess Teri will stay black since she got that older man and Bird stepped out....

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Compared to last week's episode, I was a little bit disappointed with last night's episode, but it is still my favorite show.

I like the way that Kenny is holding it down for his family. He really showed some emotion after he promised Max that he would never let his family down. He really looked hurt when he threw down the "Chadway Towing" shirt.

Bird is really getting on my nerves now. She can talk to everyone but Lem; and that is just not right. Even though he has put her thru some stuff, she ought to at least talk to a brother. I believe she will eventually go to N.Y. that trifling Malik (that is one opportunistic brother). I also believe that Lem and ole girl at the bank are gonna "do some thangs".

I saw a side of Terri that I actually liked (her guard was down for a change).
All in all, not a bad episode.

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Malik is bold...woman ain't even divorced and he making moves......a married women with a kid with a crazy husband....you got to be crazy...glad it's TV.

bad part about it, Lem couldn't get any play with the girl from the bank because she goes to Bird's salon.


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kellis said:
Lem's gonna kick some ass next week. :eek:

You dayum right about that. The show was starting to suck and the plots seemed to be slowing, but last night's episode and the previews of next week...it looks like I will have to keep watching. they definatly have my attention again!

Is it me, or is that high yalla dude coming off a little stalkerish. I gotta feeling he may be crazy.....


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I still believe someone's going to die this season...I can't wait to see who it'll be.

Bird's ass has lost it. :smh: Teri is finally loosening up. Maxine is...well, Maxine is Maxine. I love me some Kenny...he's definitely an example of a GOOD BLACK MAN. :tup:

The yella boy is crazy...and yes, he's about to start stalking Bird. Lem is gonna get in that ass next week.

Soul Food is getting real good. :tup:


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SU's Finest '93 said:
I still believe someone's going to die this season...I can't wait to see who it'll be.
:nod: I think its going to be Kenny. Remember he decided to do the repo towing. :( That's some dangerous stuff.


Lem: Waiting Patiently; I think old girl at the bank is fronting and she will get with him

Bird: Done smucked up badddd. Believe will give Malik more "poon tank." (smile)

Maxine: I believe she may have wanted an abortion thus not ready to tell sisters. She will hit the roof when finding out about her boss affair

Kenny: An enigma....The sale of his business for quick cash will have negative repercusstions

Malik: Brother's sanity is fragile. He has shown premature signs of "wigging out." I suspect some other woman has driven him crazy before (snicker).

Terry: She has finally met her match.......A real man (just what bossy pants needed.

Arman: Will get him some and lose those tussy bumps (snicker)

Mama Joe: Ears are still ringing from that cat fight in the grave yard



I agree that Malik is crazy. When he showed up at her shop, he didn't seem to care if other folks heard him. It's like he was in his own little world. His azz is crazy...how you go buy tickets to NYC and act like everything's cool? I'll say it again...his azz is crazy.

As for Lem, I don't think he's in the frame of mind to cheat on Bird right now. He's all about his new business and getting back with her. However, after next week, that might change. I wonder if Bird plans to tell her sisters what she went through. She can't keep that stuff bottled up.

So I'm assuming Maxine is pregnant in real life and they just wrote it in the script? I do feel bad for Kenny, but selling out is not the answer.
Those girls haven't had an arguement like that since the first season. I thought they were a little more mature than that now.

I'm glad that Terri is letting herself go with ol' boy. He truly seems to be her match, finally.

How many more episodes do we have remaining?


I might have to watch this next episode. Lem took a very mature approach to that situation. Takes a real MAN to just walk away like that.


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I just checked the site, but it doesn't say how many more episodes are remaining! They gotta hurry up and finish ebfore my cable is gone!

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I agree; it takes a real man to walk away from that kinda thing, but, I believe I would have had to break him off a lil bit of that "good ole fashioned" just the same. Then again, Lem may have had the sense the think about his criminal record; maybe he is trying to stay straight to get his business off the ground. But, the old Lem would have been.... "wax on, wax off". :upset:


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Okay last night's episode was good, and it appears that next week is going to get even better. I thought Lem was going to go slap off when he walked into Malik's apartment. But I guess the shock is what got the best of him. He just didn't know what to do at that point. Man I have been there. But I was glad that the sitter called when she did, because we all know where that night was going to go. But I was wondering how Lem was going to end up at the apartment. Strange how life works sometimes isn't it?

Byrd is crazy. She is loosing it, and everybody can see and tell that she is going crazy. For a minute I thought she had taken some sleeping pills or something and was about to check out.

O yeah, I am an arsehole, stubborn, and I like to have my way in situations and in relationships. But even I was like dayum Charles, can you give just a little bit. That brother was rough! :cry:

The previews for next week look excellent. Kenny getting physical, Byrd still going off!


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Bird is a Hoe and need to shut the hell up. I am getting tired of her going off on people. :smh: She is wrong...

I hope Lem does get him some from ole girl then she can understand how he felt.

PS... If they had the Lem from the movie Malik would be in the corner stinking somewhere.