Kay Ivey and Alabama prisons


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If the state of Alabama had done its job the last few years, they may not have this big of a problem. Then I thought being a conservative is to have less funding and interference from the federal government. Or I should say one should be less dependent on the government.


Alabama governor defends plan to use covid relief funds to build new prisons

By Adela Suliman
Today at 8:26 a.m. EDT

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (R) is hitting back after criticism over plans to use coronavirus pandemic relief funds provided by the federal government to finance the construction of new prisons in the Southern state.

“The Democrat-controlled federal government has never had an issue with throwing trillions of dollars toward their ideological pet projects,” Ivey said in a statement on Tuesday. “These prisons need to be built, and we have crafted a fiscally conservative plan.”

The fallout comes after Ivey convened a special session of the Alabama legislature on Monday to address the state’s ailing prison infrastructure, which she admitted was “broken.” Using the funding in this way, she said, aimed to provide an “Alabama solution to this Alabama problem.”

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They just want to consolidate the prisons. Because, we have a number of prisons in Alabama.
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