Judge sends half naked pics to baliff--defends his foolishness proudly

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    [h=1]Judge Caught Sending Half Naked Photo to Employee, But Is Proud of His Pic[/h]April 26, 2012 By bowatkin
    <!--Ad Injection:top--> Judge Wade McCree is married, and so is the baliff who works for him. But the judge says that has no regrets of taking a picture of himself with his shirt off and sending it to multiple women.
    The Detroit judge who tries cases on sexual misconduct didn’t back down when asked by reporters about the photo that he sent to the married baliff on his payroll.
    “Hot dog, yep that’s me. I’ve got no shame in my game. I ain’t talking to nobody else’s wife. You can almost get that here and now,â€￾ he said.

  2. 96lioness

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    Um....I was kinda really digging that pic myself....:gone:

    He did look pretty good, but he probably should have kept it to himself.
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    Hey, if you want to show your goods to excite someone, make sure those goods are a scarcity.
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    Hey, the brother just wanted to show that he had been working out hard in the gym. Most people just put pictures on their facebook page.

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