JSU, What's the score of the scrimmage

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    HORNETSWARM Well-Known Member

    How many fans showed up to maintain a good attendance? :shame:
    How much money was the school anticipating on making off Homecoming? :lecture:
    Lost revenue for the school and city? :shame:
    How many hotel cancellations? :sperm: :licky:
    Did yall have two mascots for the scrimmage? :lol:
    Did the BOOM dress out in uniforms or P.E. shorts and boots? :emlaugh:
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  2. stopdah84jsu

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  3. JagHammer

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    I bet it was more competitive than the game against Gram.
    These suckers got a bye week.

    HORNETSWARM Well-Known Member

    That depends whether the 2nd and 3rd teams played each other. :nod:
  5. Bleedbluefan

    Bleedbluefan Ripbayless

    Weak...anyway, we pretended to have a game. FB team wore ties and suits. The boom marched in. I would say 15 k in stadium, 20 k outside. Announcers for the scrimmage with real refs. Defense was on one sideline offense on another. No starters played, but all dressed out. Football team came in the stands and hung out during "half time". Best ppart tho is we are 6-0
  6. Bleedbluefan

    Bleedbluefan Ripbayless

    White team won 13-0, no injuries. We had a blast
  7. Mace

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  8. The Founder

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    I would have preferred for our players to boycott our homecoming. That way the alumni would have been there and more questions asked and answered.
  9. The Founder

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    I would have preferred for our players to boycott our homecoming. That way the alumni would have been there and more questions asked and answered.
  10. coldsweat

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    No worries. Theyll boycott next week too because the rest of yall season is kaput. D2 here yall come.

    HORNETSWARM Well-Known Member

    This seems more realistic of an answer. Thanks :tup:

    HORNETSWARM Well-Known Member

  13. Get Ready

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    I heard the players were crying and really mad. My friend said that one of our lineman said that if he ever sees KennRashad he gone whoop his lightskindeded backstabbing ass. ....and GR don't blame him.
  14. ScreamTeam1

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    That's a blessing. That was my major concern for you guys
  15. bluphiiijsu

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  16. J-State2DaPoint

    J-State2DaPoint "Eye Of The Tiger"

    Exciting! 15-17k in the stands partying and enjoying themselves.
    The tailgating experience was on another level. :tup:
    (We had a few gram. Fans show up and mingle with us).
    The football team hung out in the stands with fans at halftime. They really enjoyed that and they finally got to enjoy the Sonic Boom's Halftime Show. They even had fun along the sidelines after halftime , mocking the band & drum majors.
    It was hilarious.
    The r&b concert after the scrimmage was cool too.
    Everything was free & a success.

    Grambling's absence didn't stop us from being Great! Unlike most SWAC schools; our Homecoming is bigger than just a football game.
  17. KCPVPanther

    KCPVPanther Well-Known Member

    Can PV get he scrimmage tape!
  18. Blacknbengal

    Blacknbengal Well-Known Member

    Sure!!! All you gonna see is hair grease and barbeque sauce.
  19. stopdah84jsu

    stopdah84jsu H8ers beware...JSU COMING

  20. GR8APE06

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    Is this yesterday's crowd?
  21. CapitolStreetJSU

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    Yes it is yesterdays crowd, and a lot of jsu fans sat on the visitors side as well, probably more than what the visiting team usually brings. Yesterday was the first time I ever tailgated and I have to say it was thousands of people in the parking lot, I was impressed with JSU it was packed with a lot of people streaming and in out. I sure wont miss the Alcorn game festivities. if the administration is smart they will find a way to make it bigger and better, make it Jackson's official block party. :clap:
  22. Get Ready

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    Well at least 2 Grambling fans arent punk ass bitches like the rest of Grambling fake supporters who got Doug fired to support their own personal agenda

  23. LadyJag

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    Good look, jSU!
  24. icey23

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    I had a wonderful time at JSU homecoming, Greek Show was boring but JSU campus is NICE, - the prison like feel. Watch the Boom practice that night my favorite HBCU band.I was shock at all the people at the scrimmage I think with a real game probably would of been near sold out. Tailgate lot was PACKED. Loved how the team came into the stands and talk to the fans. also I use to think Southern had to most arrogant fans but nope it's JSU but yall support your school which is GREAT
  25. JSU/99

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    30-23. The scrub team jumped to a lucky 14-0 lead. Then reality set in and te big boys took over.

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