JSU vs Tulane

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by thegooddoctor, Jul 12, 2013.

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  1. thegooddoctor

    thegooddoctor Active Member

    Does JSU have a chance against the Green Wave?
    I will be there to support.
  2. Herbert77060

    Herbert77060 Texas Southern University

    If it is on TV.....no.


  3. number1

    number1 Well-Known Member

    Sure, every team has a chance, but will they win? No.
  4. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

  5. SUJagFan

    SUJagFan Well-Known Member

    Everybody knows how bad Tulane is. They haven't had a winning season in nine years. The past five years, their records were:

    2008 2 - 10
    2009 3 - 9
    2010 4 - 8
    2011 2 - 11
    2012 2 - 10

    Why are y'all automatically counting JSU out? If you can't be competitive (and possibly win) against Tulane, then all of this talk about moving up is nothing but hot air.
  6. number1

    number1 Well-Known Member

    Because like they love to tell us SU folks all the time, JSU doesn't have the talent, resources, nor the coaching to match even the lowest of the low in FBS.
  7. SUjagTILLiDIE

    SUjagTILLiDIE Well-Known Member

    Tulane has been loading up on talent. They are due for a break out season this year or next. JSU has a chance though IMO. A slim one butt still a chance lol.
  8. JROCK

    JROCK Preeminent

    Hell No! :lol: :emlaugh:

    So far S.U./u of h is slated to be on ESPN3....I haven't seen anything on jsu yet.

    2013 ESPN College Football Schedule
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  9. jsupop33

    jsupop33 Loyalty & Respect

    I hope we stay within 3 td's. I would consider that a moral victory.
  10. The Founder

    The Founder Well-Known Member

    Wait....huh...:confused: The way JSU folks talk you all are the powerhouse of the FCS....just beat everybody down in the SWAC...the corner stone of SWAC Football Championships......I'm confused as others are as to why the moral loss talk and the season has not even started.
  11. SUjagTILLiDIE

    SUjagTILLiDIE Well-Known Member

    JSU doesn't do well in OCC games.
  12. JayRob

    JayRob TigaPaw

    su don't do well with nobody.

    As far as the Tulane game, we have a better chance of beating them than someone has of beating Houston. Last time yall played 'em, what was the final score? Something like 55-7?:noidea::emlaugh:
  13. SUJagFan

    SUJagFan Well-Known Member


    Just last year, MSU 56 JSU 9. :noidea:

    Go blasted. Tore out the frame.

    Don't get the big head. I'm trying to help. :lol:
  14. The Founder

    The Founder Well-Known Member

    To be honest no team in the SWAC can brag on shit because we don't play for shit...
  15. SUjagTILLiDIE

    SUjagTILLiDIE Well-Known Member

    SU won the SWAC's only D-1 OC game.
  16. JayRob

    JayRob TigaPaw

    An SEC school versus a what, lower tier Conference USA school? Please.
  17. JayRob

    JayRob TigaPaw

    And what does that sorry win mean? Nothing. You're really reaching.
  18. SUjagTILLiDIE

    SUjagTILLiDIE Well-Known Member

    It means a whole lot. Actually OC games are more important than conference games IMO. That's how we as a conference is judged.
  19. JayRob

    JayRob TigaPaw

    Dude, you consistently lose to D-2 squads.....at home. You don't consistently win against quality out-of-conference opponents, so lets not get it twisted.
  20. SUjagTILLiDIE

    SUjagTILLiDIE Well-Known Member

    JSU lost to the same amount of D-2 teams as SU. You lost to okra and New Haven, we lost to NCCU and that team from Arkansas. And no South Dakota St wasn't D-2 they were in transition to 1-AA at the time.
  21. SUJagFan

    SUJagFan Well-Known Member



    But, that's not what this thread is about. It's about y'all playing one of the worst FBS schools there is and you're giving up already.

    What a shame. :shame:

    I thought "mighty" JSU would have more fight than that. :smh:
  22. Get Ready

    Get Ready Well-Known Member

    Oops...we never lost to NewHaven. Quit trying dude.
    And we redeemed our loss to DeltaState. But you have been running from NCCU SDState and Monticello since they beat yalls ass.
    And dont make me bring how yall ran from D1 McNeese eventhough yall were under contract.
    This is too easy
  23. Get Ready

    Get Ready Well-Known Member

    Hey yis2003yis

    Do you still want to know why JSU is sooooo concerned about SU? This is just one of the dozens of threads SU folks have started about MightyJSU...the school yall are NOT concerned about
  24. Jax

    Jax Equal Opportunity Asshole!

    Dude you cant be this stupid...

  25. GoodFella

    GoodFella "The Real McCoy"

    Will SU beat Houston and NW ST? You guys claim that JSU focuses on southern too much but this is a prime example of the opposite. Then you have the usual butt buddies running behind to chime in lol. SU needs to worry about SU first....
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