JSU goal 15k students by 2021

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    JSU goal 15K students by '21

    Panel to formulate recruiting strategies

    Jackson State University's record enrollment this year is a start, but President Carolyn Meyers's goal is 15,000 students by 2021.

    "Our intent is to continue to design programs that meet the needs of Mississippians," said Meyers, who celebrated her inauguration and accepted the largest alumni gift in the institution's history last month. "This, in turn, will help raise educational attainment levels and provide a more educated citizenry."

    Beefing up online as well as night and weekend course offerings, increasing communication with targeted populations and focusing on improving programs that attract non-traditional students are some of the strategies JSU administrators plan to use in the coming years.

    The current fall enrollment, including students taking courses online, hit a record 8,903, an increase from 7,098 students in 2001.

    Shooting for more rapid growth, Meyers established the Executive Enrollment Management Council, a group of university officials and students with a variety of backgrounds. Representatives from admissions, recruitment, financial aid, first-year experience and international studies are among the members.
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    Very interesting. :tup:

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    Good stuff! I was reading information about Meyers in my sister's JSU Alumni magazine when I went home for Easter. She seems like a really good leader, who is open to new ideas, and is a visionary. There is really no reason JSU should not be larger with all of the research opportunities and location of the campus. I am sure Meyers will know how to capitalize on that and take it to new heights. Good hire JSU!
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    I hope she reaches her goal!

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