JSU BLUE/White Game

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by thegooddoctor, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. thegooddoctor

    thegooddoctor Active Member

    JSU was impressive during their Blue/White game. The crowd was fantastic and it looks like the Blue Bengals are going to be exciting on offense. New QB's and running backs. The kid from Ohio is a do everything game breaker.

    I've already made my reservations for Jackson.:eek:

    I gues the JSU Mafia will be back onthe board talking trash.
  2. Blacknbengal

    Blacknbengal Well-Known Member

    "Whatcha talkin bout gooddoctor?" :smug:

  3. Devil's Gun Trigger Man

    Devil's Gun Trigger Man onward and upward son!

    I heard Pittman the Ole Miss transfer was lowering the boom on folks.
  4. Folka

    Folka Playa

    The line play and DBs weren't very impressive.
  5. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    We still have some holes to fill but we still gonna kick azz. Hopefully the some 20 transfers will make an impact. This team is young.

    "NOISE TALKA" Mr. Hatedandloved

    I don't know what you are talking about. We are nowhere near where we need to be this time of year.
  7. SUjagTILLiDIE

    SUjagTILLiDIE Well-Known Member

    Me to. They jacked the hotel prices up for this weekend. My room is $100plus per night:mad: .
  8. SU Jag 79

    SU Jag 79 Jaguar ALUM

    Stay in Brookhaven or somewhere like that. I did it two years ago, paid 40 bucks and drove up early Saturday morning. Great trip by the way.

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