JSU Big winners in Reunion Awards ceremony!

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(TSPN)Houston - Leaving the competition in the dust is nothing new for for JACKSON STATE UNIVERSITY. It happened again at the Second Annual TSPN awards banquet held in Houston, Texas as Jackson State dominated the awards.

Leading the list of honorees, Were Tigerpride and Robber, who were each inducted into the TSPN Hall of Fame, Joining other TSPN JSU greats Get Ready and J-State Tiger in the Hall . The JSU MAFIA was reconized for their work on the Crying Eddie series of smack posts. Individual awards were awarded to J-State Tiger who was named Favorite Smacker and repeated as most creative poster. A suprising win was Blubloods stunning win in the favorite small talk newcomer category. "I knew she had it in her, " said J-State Tiger, "I'm proud to announce that blu is receiving a field commission in the JSU MAFIA to the rank of lieutenant. This is a great accomplishment." JSU was also honored as being part of the best rivalry with AAMU.

The seven overall awards bested the nearest competition, AAMU by one award. Next was SU with 6 also* and PV with 4.


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After reading JST's post in the SPECIAL THANKS TO THE HOUSTON COMMITTEE thread I can think of another award he should have won. (new rules) award.