Jordan Peele's ‘Lovecraft Country’ Drama Series


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Just got through with Episode 6. My thoughts:

Some of you brothers been dealing with women that are nothing but pure hell to you. They been causing all kinds of chaos and mess in your life. They have nothing but pure intentions of destroying you and taking everything from you. The reason being is, they been hurt by things in their past. It ain't their fault. So I say to you this afternoon, call on that Atticus spirit that's in you and put the lovin on her just right...if you just love her good enough...the demon inside of her will not only submit, but she will look out for ya, she will have your back, she will be a blessing to you and not a curse. Fellas, love the hell out that woman. In yo life....Ya feel me?!

....don't pay me no attention. Just making some notes for myself. On to episode 7....
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