Janet Jackson on SNL


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Did ya'll see her spoof as Condeleeza Rice on Saturday Night Live? :lol:

I was flipping through the channels and I saw her and I hollered!!! :lmao:

They told her if all else fails once she gets in front of the Senate, she was to show them her breast. :lol: They had her looking just like Condeleeza....fake teeth, hair and all.

She was really good and seem to enjoy poking fun at herself as well as Condi Rice.

Janet as Condi



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I saw that, and it was hilarious.

The entire show was one of the best SNL's in a while. I was happy that Janet was well received by the audience. It shows that at least some of America still has a sense of humor.



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The "Soaking Corks" skit was off the chain. She almost lost it but recovered well. :emlaugh:


Why was that skirt all the way down to her feet? :lmao: Condi is gonna have to do better. :lmao:


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Did anyone see the Good Times skit?????

I didnt too much dig JJ's second performance.
It was a FUNNY Azz show that SNL did.

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I liked the skit where she was in line to buy tickets to the Janet Concert, and brought all the rumors about herself. "And I heard she and Michael are the same person. Dat why you never see Dem together. And I heard she and Jermaine Dupree is really married, but she still married to that Rico Suave looking dude."