Jackson State University Sonic Boom of the South (2021-2022)

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Welcome to Jackson State University, and welcome to The Show, where the Tigers football team, The Sonic Boom of the South marching band, and the Prancing J-Settes dance team are a legacy, a calling, and a family -- a family with an energy and excellence like none other. Though it’s not easy, the students in these programs expect themselves and each other to be great. And their coaches and directors have their backs while still pushing them to excellence every day.

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Boom 84-88
The Weather Man stated that it is supposed to Flood in Jax Town Saturday.
I told him that it will be okay if it does because we have a Dynamic Drainage System in the
Vet. Stadium. Please take care of my guy Simmons just in case he starts drowning in the water!!!
I really enjoy the fellowship with the Ocean. I think that they are the only Marching Band that show’s the Boom
Love. Clouds by Chaka Khan is one of my favorites. Thanks for Arranging that tune when you were at SU.
Much Love to Mr. Simmons. Again; show them some Love if they come to Jax Town. “Peace” my brothers!!!!
“Drill Boom, Drill” Step 2 drop offs, 1,3,5,7 odd numbers. TTR and BLOW.


Boom 84-88
It's almost time to go to Lunch. Guess What? Let's go and demolish some Sea Food in Louisiana!!!
Eat, Eat, Eat, "Go Get It"


Boom 84-88
The Best:
When you are the Best you will know because your conscience will let it Show.
There is no second guessing when the job get's Rough; Nevertheless, your attitude and the way you were trained is to be Tough.
Sometimes people may think that change is not the way to go but it is Mandatory for Sho!

It is time to show the World who you really are! "Let's Go Boom"

SPECTACULAR Performance in the Bayou! "Luv Da Boom"

As he would say; "SHOWTIME" "Let's Goooo"


THEE Realist

50 years later, Jackson State's Sonic Boom of the South keeps bringing big sound​

When Jackson State University's Sonic Boom of the South marching band took the field for Homecoming in October, the air was electric.

"When I did everything I had to do on my end, I instantly felt like a fan again," said Roderick Little, the band's director. "There was one J-Sette (dancer) marching ... she was psyching herself up, saying to herself, 'Come on ... let's go, this is it.' and I said to myself, 'That's the energy that I'm talking about.'"

In front of nearly 54,000 students, alumni and fans — the largest homecoming crowd in the school's history — the band took the field at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium Oct. 16. The show they put on wasn't just for the fans or to support the Tigers football team in their eventual 28-7 victory over Alabama State University.

The nearly 300 student-athletes that compose the Sonic Boom and the Prancing J-Settes dance line were celebrating the band's 50th anniversary of carrying its name.

They didn't do it alone.

Marching every step of the way during their halftime performance were alumni who also used to play, march and dance dating back to the 1970s.