It Is Time For All NBA D-Leaguers To Be Paid A Living Wage

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by Kendrick, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Kendrick

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    Each D-League team has a salary cap of $209,000, with a roster limit of 12. D-Leaguers sign one-year contracts with the league, and receive one of two salaries: $26,000 or $19,500. Each team may only have up to five players with the $26,000 “A-level” contracts, meaning the majority of players make $19,500. That’s actually an improvement, as until this season, the majority of players made just $13,000. The federal poverty level for single person households is $12,050.

    The NBA, obviously, has the money to pay all D-Leaguers living wages, but despite skyrocketing revenue in recent years, seems unwilling to do so. There were hopes that the recently agreed upon Collective Bargaining Agreement extension would address D-League salaries, but the only provision that does so is the introduction of “two-way” contracts that would pay two players per team between $50,000 and $75,000, and may not actually be all that good for them.
  2. In_The_662

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    I saw the $75K salary mentioned on ESPN but now that it has been put in context, it doesn't help anyone but the two designated players. The MLS's starting salary is $50K so there's no reason the NBA shouldn't start there with D-League .... my bad G-League players.

    Side note: Southaven is getting a G-League team. Would be nice to see some SWAC players on the roster of that team next year

  3. jsupop33

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    G-league? At that level, its time to move on lol... I still got old teammates playing in Indoor Leagues in their 30's though. I couldn't do it but I guess if that is what you enjoy then you should go for it.
  4. the band fan

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    they chose to play basketball, basketball did not choose them. NBA ain't dumb as you'll have career d-leaguers
  5. Kendrick

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    There are career minor league baseball players.

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