Is Wearing My Wallet in My Back Pocket Causing Back Pain?


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Heard a doctor talk about carry a wallet in your pocket on the Rickey Smiley show.

Keeping your wallet in your back pocket can cause spinal alignment problems that cause back pain. When a person sits on a bulky wallet, their pelvis and spine tilts and rotates to the side. Over time, this stress on the spine can lead to problems like piriformis syndrome, a condition also known as “fat wallet syndrome.” This condition can cause painful nerve problems like sciatica.
Visiting and enjoying the life in big cities around the world, I carried my wallet in my front pocket in my 20s.
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Sienfield - Don't keep your wallet in your back pocket - George Costanza sits on his wallet

I keep my wallet in my front pocket. Used to only do it when I'm on vacation or in crowded places but now I do it as a default because I don't trust folks these days
I have been carrying my wallet in my front pocket for years. First, when chiropractor told me it was messing with my back and hip when carrying in back (2) and once thought about it. Pick Pockets. In a crowd, I will know real fast when someone trying to pick pocket my front as harder to get to, plus too close to my tool. And I will know fast and come up swinging anything I feel close to that.