Is Jackson State and Mississippi Valley State still a football rivalry?


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Mississippi Valley State hasn't beaten Jackson State in football since 2014, but that doesn't mean the rivalry is any less intense. Just ask MVSU coach Vincent Dancy.

The Jackson State alum and former assistant has seen the game from multiple angles; as player at JSU, and as a coach at both schools.

"It goes back to the Archie Cooley days and the great days at Jackson State when they had all those tremendous coaches coming up," Dancy said Monday. "Historically, it's a great rivalry and everybody in Mississippi will come out to see this game ... We just have to prepare our guys for it and let them know it will be a festive crowd, a great atmosphere, and a great football game at the end of the day."

Jackson State running backs coach Gary Harrell said that even though he's new to the rivalry, he's seen how fans boast about both schools as well as Alcorn State as he travels around the city.



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*face palm*

It's bad enough that it's a CL article but the fact that people from Lynch Street actually wanna use semantics whenever anyone/publication uses the term "in-state rival" just makes the situation worse

Have to remind myself that most JSU people IRL are cool as a fan and to not let the mentality of people on this board or Facebook cloud my opinion.


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We are their rival. They are not ours. THEE end.