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Now if that ain't female I don't know what is. Couldn't even get in a fighting stance with those tight jeans on. No man worth anything is going to do all of that talking. I refuse to believe there was a father in the home or he spent any meaningful time with any older male family members or mentors.

We have got to do better raising our males. We need warriors and freedom fighters, not this.


My father shared a story with me from his youth growing up in Birmingham. He was beefing with another kid and the boy told him, "Now, I'm going to run, but don't make the mistake and catch me." So the kid jogged off and my father, being the dummy young people can be sometimes, ran after the boy and ...smh... caught him. The boy gave my pops a beating. 🤣 Moral of the story, If someone isn't trying to fight you and walks away... let them.


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I saw this yesterday and was about to create post but I deleted it. I didn't want to show a video with us brothers fighting each other but at the same time, I'm so glad the kid did indeed get what he was asking for. Some people need to learn....May the youngun never unnecessarily approach and stalk somebody like that ever again.


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This reminds me of my freshman year at A&M. This dude from Detroit kept picking on this dude from Sweet Water Alabama. The dude didn't want to fight and the dude from Detroit kept on picking. See one thing about black people is we don't know when to stop. We think because you walk away and don't want to fight you are scary. Being from the streets I learned at an early age that is the biggest lie ever. Sometimes folks who can fight just don't want to hurt you because they know the crazy will come out of them and they can't control it. Any way when dude from that country town got backed into that corner he came out fighting like Mike Tyson. Needless to say the dude from Detroit ain't been back to Huntsville Alabama since 1990 spring semester. 😂 I happened to see him in Detroit hanging out with some of my boys back in like 2000 and we all laughed about that. He even stated man I didn't know them country boys were that strong. 😂 Shyt don't fuk with them boys who been handling farm animals since they were born. 😂

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I wish I had been there to see it in person...

I'm the dude that will hysterically laugh at you if you talked all of that s#!t and then got beamed up!!