Ice Cube Tap Dancing for Trump

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This is the the very reason we will not get where we need to be. We always turn to call each other names when one idea doesn't agree with the other instead of working together to find common ground. This was the mentality that kept us divided in the early 1900s when Booker T. Washington was looked down upon by W.E.B. Dubois and the "intellectual elite" when both were needed and could have worked together.

Don't get it twisted about LGBT they have been working hard behind the scenes for years, maybe since the creation of the country, to get where they are now. They hid, you can't hide this dark chocolate, and denied for years while slowing gaining power.

Time will tell, but I believe the joy is moreso in getting Trump out than Biden and Harris in. Biden made promises to help us last night. Our duty is to hold their, and anyone else who represents us, feet to the fire. The masses of us don't understand politics nor economics. Therefore, it is up to those of us who understand to teach those who do not know and not call them names.
You said a mouthful.


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Therefore, it is up to those of us who understand to teach those who do not know and not call them names.

The issue is you got a faction that WON'T listen. That has ALWAYS been the issue. Because you have to be XYZ or in this click or that click to be heard and if you say the wrong thing that I don't like-hello cancel culture.

Don't ask TI, Beyonce, Kaep or Ice Cube how to run a school. I WORK for one ASK me.
Don't tell me to vote for whoever is black when the current batch in charge have done nothing but STOLE from the community.
Don't tell me to hate cops because they killed Pookie, I have buried 30 black male students-only 2 was killed by a cop. Guess who killed the others? And keep getting out EARLY while the ones who get caught with weed do longer time.

Folks have to be willing to listen. The issue with us is we see that MONEY and leave out morals in the house.
I don't care for fake woke people because they preach victimhood. All the time.

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Folks have to be willing to listen.
As well as listen to understand. Understanding why a person thinks the way they think will help in developing strategies to try and reach them. Everyone will not be reached but we have to make the effort and move on. Their light bulb may eventually come on one day.

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See now we know Cube's plan was political to support Since Biden won the election where is Cube's push for the Platinum plan? Trump is a lame duck now.