I tried to warn you JSU, I know she's and alum but Brittany Renner after your prized sons Sheduer and Shiloh


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You need to tread lightly Flounder, you too old she may trick you
Flounder will be divorced and out here looking like:

dave chappelle sandwich GIF


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Im sure Shedeur got better sense than that if he hit he better strap it up don’t listen to that I’m on the pill shit or let me throw away the rubber for you bullshit to his woman is hyena gutter trash looking for the next payday.


Who ya rootin' for? PVU
*grabbing my coin purse*

What we doing heah?! Y'all know I'm with it. Where I pay?!

Neither one of them is what you want Panthro, Teanna Trump will make you pull a hamstring and Renner will get your loot while you injured. Us old dude need to avoid those young thundercats like the plague