I know its the Annual Kick Bama A&M's ass, but this must be addressed first. BCU....

What the £uckery is this? Is this some sort of witchcraft 🧙‍♀️? Who approved for this to be put out? Is the crazy patients running the asylum over there?

Yall have some explaining to do. Let's hear it.

@smcdiesel @Polecat561

Where da hell yall at?
1. This was pre season back when we were led to believe our squad and coaching staff would live up to the standard
2. We were wrong and expect pink slips soon. In fact we should have been addressed changes at coaching.
3. This video is the product of the former NAA trying to engage alumni and what gets folks attention.....you guessed football.
4. I agree with the overall point being how little folks believed BCU would do well in the swac. Let's be honest the last swac loss was 2006.
5. The event was poorly executed and not worth it on the end.

Anything else in our past you need to address?
Only good thing about Bethune Cookman is that it’s near a beach.

football team trash
Basketball team trash
Stadium trash
Band trash
Campus trash
Keep it up playa you wasnt talking when BCU was drop kicking your behind for the past twenty years. Get one win over BCU and this how you hornets act. Smh
No thanks. We good. When we get right you and the rest of the conference in trouble
Well, by the looks and the sounds of your NAA, we suppose to be in trouble THIS year. Cause yall felt "disrespectful". If this is the trouble we're gonna be in going forward, well, count me IN!!