I just don't get Corps style band members

Discussion in 'The Band Board' started by PhatBoyBCC, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. PhatBoyBCC

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    Have you noticed that corp style bands are now playing our music (Music that HBCU's have put a staple on) and they still say we don't sound good and some of taken our music and took the credit for it. What is the true standard of music if these people claim FAMU , JSU , and other meac and SWAC bands are so called inferior when it comes to musicianship and they are playing our sucky music. I'm willing to bet they have never heard us play a march or even pay attention to sharp precision and our strong powerful and musical sound(that's right I said it , believe it or not) all they see is playing loud and dancing. I love my culture and My culture is not inferior to anybody, especially bands that walk like faggots and play symphony no.5 and can't hardly please thier fans and not even heard on the field.:angry:
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    Nothing wrong with them playing the same music we play. It aint our music. I am sure when our bands played "Sweet Escape" that all those corp bands were like that is not their music.........see where I am going with this. Music is Universal. Nobody has ownership except the folks who wrote the songs. LOL. Anyway, I think your axe to grind is unfounded. A lot of us played in corp style HS bands before going to a HBCU and both have their merit and place. Some of those bands can flat out play. Heck, most of them can. You may not like their marching style and maybe they don't like ours. But good musicianship should be noted and recognized no matter what the style is.

    Ms Valley was corp style for years in the SWAC and they sound great. Actually much better than they do know they are not that way. Nobody had issue with them and they came to play. I know I had the upmost respect for their musicianship. They never sounded bad back in the 80s.

    Give them credit for being diverse enough to play popular music. It is what it is. Nothing more and nothing less.

  3. PhatBoyBCC

    PhatBoyBCC New Member

    The problem is ; when did LSU start playing neck , they weren't playing it before SU or GSU. But these are the same people who want to discredit us and say we are inferior , and they play this music with the same drive and energy that we play ours. (especially musically). that's my point.
  4. PhatBoyBCC

    PhatBoyBCC New Member

    and another thing , they don't give us any credit for our musicianship and I know there are plenty of bands with excellent musicianship.
  5. JR

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    Didn't FAMU win the Sudler award? That was credit.

    I know SU got the upmost respect from LSU, Nicholls State and other PWC bands when I was there. Folks recognize you for your talents by the performances you get invited too. Since you are at BCC. You have one of the best Percussionists out there. Pedro Orey is a grad of my HS and Ms Valley. Dude cut his teeth in corps style organizations. Sure looks like he has that drum section of BCC tight as hell. Alot of corps style influence is in Sudden Impact.
  6. PhatBoyBCC

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    I'm going to let you see this and see what i'm talking about , Yes I know pedro orey , that was my professor and yes we have alot of corp style influence but they still say we suck read this from Gohens.com and this sucker from youtube.:smh:

    Gohens.net : U of Delware


    Sure... you guys keep on thinking that.

    As I said somewhere else, if you like a band that is more a dance team and sounds awful, then the MEAC bands (read: dance team with horns) are definitely your thing.

    Don't get me wrong, they are fun to watch, but as far as BAND and MUSIC goes, they aren't close to our league.

    Neither do I, college bands don't "compete".

    It's like I said before though, you prefer more of a dance team type of band(not trying to belittle them, it's what they are imo), and it doesn't matter if you have to cover your ears or not.

    Hey, more power to ya, but when it comes to actual bands, groups like UMass are recognized as one of the best in the country... Del State and company are rarely even mentioned.

    Let's be honest fellas. As a former sax player and member of a civic marching band as a kid, I can relate to good choreography and good music.
    It is very difficult to march in a flamboyant HBCU style and play your instrument well at the same time. DSU's band, and I've seen them before, as well as F A&M's, and while their 'high step' marching is indeed entertaining, their music quality is rather poor, IMO. So, it all depends on what you prefer, dance and choreography, or good, concerted music. I like both, depending on each's performance. It'll be neat to see both tomorrow.

    captain douchebag from You tube :Wow! Very good. Nowadays JSU has sex with their instruments and play as loud as possible:
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  7. PhatBoyBCC

    PhatBoyBCC New Member

    BTW, I am a graduate of BCU(It was BCC when i went there):)
  8. Blankman2k5

    Blankman2k5 Well-Known Member

    I went to a corps style high school and now I march for A & M. I think that both types of programs have their positives and negatives. It just depends on your preference
  9. dacontinent

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    Knowing the truth makes you free.

    No one cares when LSU started playing "Talkin' Out The Side Of Yo' Neck". The test of any musical group is how well they play whatever it is they play. If you can play and dance at the same time, then do it; BUT, if it doesn't sound as good as some other band playing the same tune while drilling or standing still, then don't whine: you chose to dance.

    As far as musical selections, it is one of three things.
    1. Person "A" just doesn't like or appreciate the selection or style;
    2. Many people's measure of a tune is whether you can drill to it. I fall into that category. No, I am not a fan of concert formations on the field. Yes, you can drill to ballads.
    3. Sometimes the selection just doesn't work with marching band;

    Here are some examples of #2: "REASONS" by EWF and "DO YOU FEEL LIKE I DO" by Peter Frampton. Both are great tunes in the stands, but neither belongs on the field.

    The biggest criticisms that there are of today's HBCU bands are the playing of songs that have very little musical depth. Yes, "TALKIN' OUT THE SIDE OF YO' NECK" is one of those songs, so I am going to lump LSU in that same category. Anybody from LSU who wants to talk down HBCU's for musical value is a hypocrite as far as I am concerned. The only thing that gives playing that tune any redeeming value is the singing of the lyric WHEN SOMETHING IS GOING ON DOWN ON THE FIELD THAT INVITES CONTROVERSY.

    Throw all of the rap and hip-hop songs that just have some repetitious hook to them. Remember, the real point of rap & hip-hop is the statements made through the LYRICS. They may be popular, fun in the club, and a treat to dance to, but they do nothing musically for a marching band.
  10. PhatBoyBCC

    PhatBoyBCC New Member

    what's happening continent!!!!!!!-I spoke to you before about Fl bands, i still think you need to be a band director::):.
    did you read the comments I posted from the "other "fourms on this thread. It really hurt to hear someone discredit fine programs like BCU, FAMU and even J-State. I have seen the boom in person at the honda and I feel that they are the most musical band in the swac for someone to say they are inferior. I personally don't like to play many rap tunes , I love ole school , and Gospel, and my very favorite ....Marches and TV and movie Themes.Rap music is normally played to get the crowd into the game and dance routines, some (rap)(i.e BCU playing lay low /wrong idea) have turned into spirit songs, and yes there are even corp bands playing rap music. I do feel that anything you play whether it's rap , r&b , and classical it must be musical and I think many HBCU's have accomplished this. I'm sorry , we have an influence on many PWC's whether you believe it or not. Penn State in 2005 or 06 played skin i'm in at the Orange Bowl, and was rocking it like SU or any other swac school. My band brother, from BCU, greg drane is the assistant Band Director at Penn St. and arrarranged the skin i'm in arrangement they played that night and he wrote big ballin, as well. The HBCU influence is there, my friend but we are, in the same sentence being shunned and depriciated by our PWC counterparts, it seems as if no matter how good we think we are , people will always say you are not good enough.:smh::confused:
  11. PhatBoyBCC

    PhatBoyBCC New Member

    The axe I have to grind is to understand how are our corp style counterparts veiwing our musicianship and the HBCU bands we look at as top notch are being looked at as inferior and non musical but everytime I listen to or see a BCU , FAMU , or JSU performance , I don't see or hear the same thing they are hearing , is it straight up hate or what. It really gives me goosebumps to hear my school play trombone king or even our rival school play lassus trombone with fine musicianship and sound just as good or better than any PWC.
  12. dacontinent

    dacontinent Preacher

    I feel you. Now, put your axe away. The folks that you are trying to understand don't understand you and they don't want to. You cannot force them into objectivity, you have to let them come around. Give them a little time plus a little rope and watch them hang ... well, you know.:)
  13. Taylor-Made'90

    Taylor-Made'90 I'm 'Citrix SSO' batch!!!

    Phil makes a good point, as always...

    I'll add to it by saying that NOTHING you do is going to be accepted, tolerated or embraced by everybody (at the same time). Somebody is always going to have something negative to say. That's simply the way of the world.

    As far as HBCU marching bands are concerned, our roots are anchored in gospel, soul, jazz and R&B. That's where our sound comes from.. From the Delta Blues to the Cotton Club. From the French Quarter to Beale Street to the streets of Chicago and the sounds of Motown. That's where our influences came from... From african slave, to geechee, to zydeco, to carribean, to cajun and all things in between, that's where our HBCUs get their styles from.... Whether it's BCC or Alcorn, it's all the same flavor..

    Most of the corp-style (which evolved into DCI) traditions originated from military parades and the changing of the guard ceremonies (in Europe).

    One's not necessarily better than the other, just different...
  14. ChicagoJag

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    And I'll tell you what else ...

    Don't get it twisted -- every popular music trend in this country either came directly from, or was directly influenced by, African-American culture. You see these folks speaking negatively about HBCU bands but what you DON'T hear is them saying, "Man -- I wish WE could do that!" (And make no mistake, they ARE saying it.)

    I think we spend way too much time worrying about receiving validation from the majority culture. Especially since we are the chief influencers of that same culture. The HBCU Band idiom is ours -- from us, by us, for us. That's good enough for me no matter who does or doesn't like it.
  15. DukeLOrange

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    They fear what they don't understand....

    Also the need to stop talking because we make there football games much better by us showing up.... ask Rutgers and U of South Carolina.
  16. College Gameday

    College Gameday 100 Years Ice Cold

  17. dacontinent

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    I think we have now reached the conclusion of this topic.
  18. Panther88

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    And those statements can be applied to E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that we do.

    I don't understand why he'd even waste his time by ENTERTAINING people like those. Let them stay to themselves and babble about nothingness to and fro each other. :retard: It makes you look silly for even entertaining them. lol

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