How We (GSU Folks) Feel Right Now


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Yet you post on my go ride your coach’s nuts like you ATL cats like to do.
Awwwww, would lil Flounder like some milk?



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Left over smack from the nut swinging days
Ever since I said “sideshow” grambling has become a side show .... damn we need to find a way to end the season.... hope Southern get covid so we don’t have to play them... Dooley is better than me ... UAPB put their foot in our ass ... and THEE put they foot in my ass too... and damn even my own QB put they foot in Gram own ass... oh well let’s take him off the website... we been trash can juice for three seasons now so 6-5 in 2018 and starting 0-4 in 2019 ain’t foreign... we still gone finesse gram fan like we good.... man what a side show we’ve become...


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