How relevant is the Lord in your life?

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    Believers, do any of you feel that life is an empty vessel without the Lord? I asked because it seems nothing really interest me as much as having the Lord in my life. I'm just as flawed as anybody else, but nothing gives me the peace and joy that I get from keeping the Lord at the center of my life. The truth is I really don't know what I would do without the Lord, and I believe I would be lost without him. Do any of you feel the same or am I on an island by myself?
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    Same on this end. I can't seem to get enough of hearing God's word! Keep on KEEPING on!

  3. JagBR

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    Come on Illi-Jag,
    Post your comments!
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    Yes. I believe that I am an empty vessel w/o Him. Leaned on him alot during the extremely difficult times in my life. Can't thank Him enough for keeping me from going off the deep end.
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    As a Believer in God and Jesus Christ, I know I am empty without God in my life. I know I would be lost without Him and would have no sense of right and wrong or desire to do right. To piggyback off what JagBR said, I too can never get enough of His Word; the more I study His Word and attend Bible study, the more I am amazed by Him and His love for me. I will never be too complacent in my relationship with Him but will always want to go higher in Him.

    I'm 41 years old (not quite young but not too old) and when I think of my life and all the bad choices/decisions I've made, when I think of all those times I put myself in situations that I knew weren't good for me, when I think of how things could have gone the other way in my life, when I think how so much has happened to me that I should be crazy, and about those things that should have taken me out of this world............I know it was nothing but the Grace of God that kept me, kept my mind, kept me from harm, kept me at peace, and He is still keeping me. God is so wonderful, so amazing, so strong, so mighty, so very awesome to me; I love how He loves me and wants the best for me and my household; I love how he sent me Salvation and Redemption through His Son. I love how He has been better to me than I've been to myself. And love how He loves me enough to leave me His instructions and Word on how to live my life for Him so that I may one day be with Him.

    I am nothing without Him; He is my way in, my way out, my way over, my way through; He is my hope, my strength, my joy, my refuge.......I include Him in everything because He is my everything.
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    Amen Sister!!! Its easy to discern you are filled with the holy spirit, and that you are mighty prayer warrior......God Bless You!
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    I longed for joy and peace for years and it was never fulfilled. I had people all around me and my opportunities in the world were expanding, but I was empty inside with no joy. I grew up in the church and I knew of the Lord (which even the demons do), but I did not know him for myself. However, I finally accepted the Holy Spirit and submitted those things to Him that were keeping me from fully having a real relationship with God, and I gained the joy and peace that I had truly been searching for. If you are a believer, true joy can only come from the Lord. At 27, some people question why I don't do some of the things I use to do and label me as boring. But two years ago, I finally realized as a believer there are somethings that God expects of us so that He can use us for His glory. I truly get excited about growing nigher to thee everyday through the reading and meditation of His word. I yearn to be in His presence because he makes me whole. My worship is at the point where I don't just thank him for what he has and can do for me because He so much bigger than that, but it has transcended to focusing more on who He is and why He is worthy to be praised.
  8. 96lioness

    96lioness For the 14 sisters at my church that survived!

    And there it is!
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    I believe!!!! Since the first day I believed I have had nothing but peace!!

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