GSU vs UAPB 5TH 2018 WHEW!!! OMG


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Being there in person i knew this was about to get real when GSU PLAYED " outside today" it was a shift across that field from UAPB BAND they knew it was about to get serious both of these bands did a great job. GSU took halftime entertainment wise and all. This was a great the new additions to the books from both schools. GSU pretty brown eyes, roni and, brighter day is a KEEPER. bayou classic is going down once again. I hate GSUvs JSU isnt happening this season smh.good job m4/wf


This was one of those rare times I did not stay to hear M4 in the entire 5thQ. The game was very emotional for me and I couldn't "process" too much of anything afterward; I just kinda shutdown. But I was able to come back to myself and hear them. I felt a little better after hearing them. They sounded great, provided some soothing to me.

And I always get my money's worth watching GSU band on the field! They cut up during their halftime performance! They had me on my feet!

Thank you for sharing this. Both bands did a great job.