GSU President Excited' to Keep JSU on Football Schedule

Discussion in 'The Sports Board' started by The Founder, Feb 16, 2017.

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    In a matter of months, Grambling was able to smooth things over with Jackson State, which was still dealing with "lingering effects" from Grambling's 2013 forfeit that threw a major wrench in Jackson State's homecoming plans.

    Whispers of Jackson State not wanting to play Grambling died down when new Grambling president Rick Gallot publicly addressed the situation last October, openly stating his desire for the series to continue.

    In theory, JSU could have avoided playing Grambling since the two sides weren't scheduled to meet in league play. Instead, they were able to strike a non-league game, one that won't count in the standings.

    It's the first time Grambling will host JSU since 2012. The two schools didn't meet in 2013, and Grambling was forced to play three straight road games, and pay $50,000, for the 2013 forfeit. Grambling and JSU have played 69 times in the series history.

    Scheduling conversations were able to pick up once Grambling hired Paul Bryant in December as the permanent athletic director. Gallot felt it was necessary to get the ball rolling in October when GSU was in the midst of an interim administration.
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    Grambling should always play J-State. At the very least Alcorn and J-State should be permanent opponents because of our history and proximity. I am starting to soften a bit on the ridiculous non conference aspect. Being the traditionalist that I am it is more harmful to not play J-States. Icon Gram and J-State entered the SWAC in similar time periods and wrecked immediate havoc. We need to preserve the integrity of BCF and it starts with annual games like this one.

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    I think Alcorn and JSU should remain as GSU's permanent schedule but with stipulations. GSU would be JSU and Alcorn's homecoming game. Alcorn and JSU will alternate homecoming years and games being played in Shreveport. For example if Alcorn and JSU both have to play at Grambling then alternate JSU for homecoming and Alcorn in the Shreveport. The next time it will be vice versa.
  4. goodolebrave

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    And I was told the new AD had "NOTHING" to do with this.
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    You sound like my pops. He's a jstate alum but admires Grambling and TNSU football programs. He agrees the Gsu vs jsu matchup is historical even tho the outcome has become a norm. But you must respect these two programs. Hopefully jsu can get bck to its winning ways but I'm not going to get into that but I'm excited about the visit to Grambling Louisiana. Always have loved the atmosphere.
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  6. Journalist

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    All of this would've been settled if the SWAC adopted an 8-game schedule and rolled off one team annually
  7. wahines

    wahines 1_gsufan

    I agree!
  8. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    How so if GSU and JSU rolled off this year?
  9. Journalist

    Journalist Listen up maggots! And that's an order!

    I'm speaking in a more global sense. Less headaches for the "hard working" ADs of the conference.
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  10. Deerpark Tiger

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    If Carolyn Meyers were still JSU's President, Grambling would not be on JSU's 2017 football schedule.
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  12. The Founder

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    Yup...the article basically said that in so many words.
  13. jsupop33

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    If Carolyn Meyers was still our President, football would be the last thing we were worried about.
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  14. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    Nothing would be any different. Not sure why IHL authorized her spend the money then hung her out to dry by herself. The fixes we are doing now, she told them about 2-3 years ago. THEY let it get to this point.
  15. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    I just get confused when we talk about this 7 game format. Some say it's to make money. No team has the potential to make GSU more money at home than JSU. I don't see anything "hard working" about scheduling beat downs. Looks like GSU put together a very good schedule!
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  16. Journalist

    Journalist Listen up maggots! And that's an order!

    The whole gist of the 9-game conference schedule, IMO, was attendance welfare and a case of CYA for the ADs of the respective schools. Just don't want to go back to how it used to be before the 9-game schedule, where you had teams in the same division (Southern-UAPB 2004) not playing and others playing at least two SWAC schools in nonconference games.

    When I say "hard working" please read that with the heaviest of sarcasm.

    I agree with you that Grambling has put together a decent schedule. Not the biggest fan of playing a conference team and the game not counting toward a conference championship. However, some FCS teams outside of the SWAC might be scared to come to Grambling first in a home-and-home. Plus, Jackson State gives a bigger home game.

    Also, don't like playing Clark-Atlanta — or any other D-2 school — in a neutral site game. Although Grambling is gonna mollywhop CAU (much to Bomani Jones' laughter), I'm starting to agree with @JAG89 and others when it comes to letting these D2 programs get a sniff of the money we outchea trying to get.
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  17. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    I agree about the SU-UAPB fiasco but the SWAC put in measures against that. I liked the 9 game format because i don't trust these ADs and I don't think money games are good for football in general. It should go back to how it used to be where you could only count a FCS school every 4 years. I believe in FCS vs FCS and FBS vs FBS. That's when football was good!
  18. Journalist

    Journalist Listen up maggots! And that's an order!

    TP, I don't trust these ADs as far as I can throw them. I understand your argument. If you want to have only one FBS money game every four years, then gotta put in a provision against playing D2-and-lower schools.
  19. major095

    major095 ASU4real

    that's a little too restrictive. no more than 3 fbs games in a 2 year period and no more than 2 in a given year. 2 this year, 1 next year. same for dII/naia games. everyone should have to play at least 1 ooc fcs game. that's the purpose of the 7 game mandate as far as I'm concerned. go compete and make your product better. tired of feeling like my school and conference is running from everyone.

    It's not just the AD's. some coaches don't want to compete either. hopson played 1 fcs team, jmu got beat to death and never did that again. he'd play up b/c after all he's supposed to lose so when you do it's no skin of your back.
  20. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    You wouldn't have to really worry about that. FCS schools would need teams to fill their schedules if the money games stop so fellow FCS teams would be a must. I have no problem with ALL divisions playing within their division only.
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  21. Tigerpride

    Tigerpride THE Logical ONE

    Which is the #1 reason why these games should not be played. It ruins the true foundation of sports. Why do we need FCS vs FBS games? Why is Southern playing USM and Georgia Tech is playing Jacksonville State. Why can't USM play GaTech and Southern play Jacksonville State? Explain the logic in that. The NCAA needs to just step in and stop all of this. Why is JSU playing TCU again? Just plain ole dumb!
  22. Journalist

    Journalist Listen up maggots! And that's an order!

    TP, that isn't going to come from the NCAA itself. It's going to trickle down from the Power 5 on down. The Big 10 has already barred its members from playing FCS schools. Other P5 conferences will eventually follow suit.

    Once that happens, the Group of Five schools will try to do the same in order to bolster their chances of getting a playoff spot (and that money).
  23. dcpsujag1

    dcpsujag1 Active Member

    Why don't NCAA create a one or two game preseason where the games don't count so fbs vs fcs games could happen then or a one game jamboree like the high schools do in Louisiana
  24. Hey Que

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    Because only the power 5 schools will draw a crowd. I wouldn't pay to see a lower level fbs school play a game that doesn't count.
  25. The Founder

    The Founder Well-Known Member

    The SWAC office knew this would happen. This mandate will reversed back to a 9 game mandate in 2019....

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