Grambling 2021 football Schedule.


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If they lose to A&M who will be fired next? It’s crazy the defense have gave up some points but nobody has been fired. That’s what happens when you have a offensive head coach


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Fobbs has fired two OC's in two weeks, GSU keeps on loosing he will be on the fired list as well.....
Did you forget 2011 0-4 start nobody will be fired. This isn't gsu first time having a losing record like this gsu will bounce back.


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I know GSU will bounce back that’s what I been saying. Spring season is for the players to play and the fall will tell the story. The Swac is stronger and there will be teams fighting for 3-4 place. I do thing Grambling will make more changes on both sides of the ball


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Let me stop BS'ing. That schedule is BRUTAL every single week.

Grambling definitely has that name recognition so I hope they have that legacy based talent and coaching expertise to go with it for that schedule. Arguably the HARDEST schedule in BCF this fall.
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I woke up visualizing Grambling amen somebody… grambling ain’t winning no more than 5 games off this schedule and that’s being generous… Fobbs up outta there in 2022 … they will go 5-6 and be bottom half swac west 4th place at best… the prophet has spoken amen amen amen… QUOTE ME.