Get your a$$ in the studio !!!


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Hezikiah Walker
John P. Kee (Can we have enough John?)
VIP (Can we really have enough John?)
Calton Pearson - Live at Azuza 5
Kirk Franklin
Fred Hammon - (None of that studio stuff, write some new stuff.)
The Gospel Music Workshop of America...............Those guys know they can SING. (Order My Steps, My Steps has been Ordered, God Is) This group was founded by the Late Rev. James Cleveland.


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Originally posted by jag4life
Lauryn Hill!!!!!!!
As long as she doesn't come out with that sad arse, slit-your-wrists type of CD, I'm cool.

That last CD she had recorded live on MTV was depressing as hell. :(


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Jill Scott
Lauryn Hill
Angie Stone
Gladys Knight
Patti LaBelle
Anita Baker


(T'06 for short)
Donnell Jones
Stevie Wonder (I know he has about 15 songs sittin' around somewhere)
Foxy Brown
Tha LOX, or a Jada Kiss solo
DJ Clue (mixtape)


"Mississippi Woman"
Digable Planets

New Edition :rolleyes:

Arrested Development


Tracey Spencer



...remembering freshman year..."cruising down the street...real slow; what da phuk are they yelling...Marrero (sp) :lmao:



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Carl Thomas's LP is pretty tight!
I nabbed it 2 days ago... but Usher has a slight edge on him in my CD Changer...

But yeah, Carl's LP is pretty tight -- a nice nab... errr purchase.


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Goodie Mob
MoB actually have a completed LP, titled "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show" on KOCH Records.

I heard a single called "We're Back", but I don't know what the hold up is.

As Andre' 3000 said "My favorite group ain't coming with it, they probably going through it -- but anyway, uh anyhow..."


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Digable Planets

...remembering freshman year..."cruising down the street...real slow; what da phuk are they yelling...Marrero (sp) :lmao:

That was freshman year of High School for me... or was it?


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the artist formerly known as butterfly

Originally posted by BluBlood
Digable Planets

New Edition :rolleyes:

Actually Butterfly(From Digable Planets) a/k/a Ish has released a new album under then name Cherrywine. Its funk-jazz-rock and I hear its kinda tight. The deal is the other 2 planteers doodlebug and lady bug were not into making a 3rd album. Missing studio time and late for sessions, so the group dissolved after Blowout Comb. This was told to me by his late aunt!(RIP)

:D :D