Frenchy's Has Moved To Prairie View A&M

Discussion in 'The Smack Board' started by the band fan, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. the band fan

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    yep...this day was coming (look at release below)...while PV has lost a few coaches, alot of employees, etc. to 3100 Cleburne, PV has taken the biggest shot off all......we stole Frenchy's Chicken...we all know the original location on Scott will soon dissappear as Wheeler is ready to soak the property up so they're slowly moving away

    PRAIRIE VIEW, Texas - World-renowned Frenchy's Chicken will open in Prairie View, Texas this week to serve the expanding and exciting community of Prairie View A&M University.

    "After crunching the numbers, we HAD to open at Prairie View," said a representative from the Frenchy's family. "We've tried so hard to open there but after years of persistence, it has paid off. Third ward and Texas Southern has been good to us over the years but for us to survive and not disappear like William’s Chicken in Houston, we had to come to Prairie View A&M as who wouldn't fall in love with the scenery out there? :clap: All the SWAC fans move to Texas right after college anyway and TSU folks stay all over so why not put it somewhere where they can all feel at home?”

    Frenchy’s is slated to open on Thursday on the site formerly occupied by William’s Chicken on the corner of Highway 290 and University Drive. The Marching Storm Band from Prairie View A&M may make an appearance but the TSU Ocean of Soul and members of the TSU Department of Athletics will definitely be there.

    “Folks will try to offer us incentives to remain in Third Ward forever,” said the representative. “Prairie View is where we want to go and want to be. King Specials will be ready on Thursday so bring your cash.”

    Frenchy's is so desperate to open and come to PV they moved into the abandoned building last Wednesday and will open this afternoon.....

    We know the TSU fans will be at our homecoming Saturday (come one and come all, tickets are $18 and can be bought online) so might as well stop on over and savor a two-piece with fries and a drink to support the local economy....

    Frenchy's ain't going anywhere....coaches will :emlaugh:
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  2. Fiyah

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  3. C-LeB28

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    Let's hope this location doesn't close down like that generic brand did at Prairie View. :smh:

    how in the hell does a chicken shop close down in a black community?
  4. DallasCowboyGirl

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    I know right, but you know some of them do go off to college and now they too good for the bird...A Damn :shame:
  5. 96lioness

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    DISCLAIMER: NO SMACK INTENDED ( I know it's the Smack Boad)

    Serious question, is there a Frenchy's in Houston? I've never heard of Frenchy's. Is it located throughout the state of Texas?
  6. Jaguar94

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    All over Houston.
  7. docmump

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    There is but only one true Frenchy's and that's on Scott and Wheeler. Those others are cheap imitations.

  8. Herbert77060

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    That was some horrid crap. I stopped through there and ended up having to throw the "crap" out of the window.

  9. GramUntilDeath

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    Wowwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I agree with Cleb how the hell you gonna move out of the black community Smh. Hell I would stop by after getting my dreads retwisted off of Scott. Wow
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    BLAQUE PRINCE Fug <insert your school here>!

    They'll all be around the campus on weekends in awe when we leave anyway. The owners are smart. Get the jump on the coming gold rush.

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