FREE WORKOUT CHANNELS on Time Warner icontrol

Discussion in 'Health, Fitness & Food' started by LoyalTigress, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. LoyalTigress

    LoyalTigress Lovejones

    Have any of yall tried them yet? I'm loving them. You can start/pause/stop the workouts any time you want.

    You go to on demand
    -icontrol free
    -Sports & fitness
    -Exercise tv
    -then choose from several menus including beginners fitness, drop those pounds, quick workouts, dance(they even have lap dancing routines :nod:), fab abs for fall, power workouts, and pilates.

    Each of the above categories have sub-menues for specific areas you want to target.

    Right now I've added QUICK WORKOUTS to my daily routine. Loving the 7 minute Great Abs routine.
  2. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    How much are they?


    97JSULEGEND Well-Known Member

  4. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    Really, I didn't know that.

    I'll look when I get home. :tup:

    Thanks Soror! :wavey:
  5. LoyalTigress

    LoyalTigress Lovejones

    :shame: Imma whip you talking bout how much are they when it's all up there in the title^^^^^^. Come back and tell me what you find when you get home. :wavey:
  6. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    I saw it later where you said free..:blush:

    I didn't find it on my TV. Maybe cause I didn't know exactly where to look....:read:
  7. LoyalTigress

    LoyalTigress Lovejones

    All them instructions back up there on what to do. ^^^^^^^^^
    Follow each step to get to the routines.
  8. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    See that up thur in red. That's where I get stuck....uhhhh..where is on demand on my TV...:D
  9. LoyalTigress

    LoyalTigress Lovejones

    Start with channel 001 and then proceed with the other directions.
  10. I got them on mine. :thumbsup:
  11. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    :tup: Now I've found them, cause I didn't know where to start.

    Thanks! :D
  12. LoyalTigress

    LoyalTigress Lovejones

    Ok, good. :flippy: Now work it out Soror!
  13. MsJag4Jag

    MsJag4Jag Moderator

    Thanks for the tip. I'll need to remember this for variety's sake.

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