Flowood, Mississippi?


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Don't forget about Ridgeland. There were the first to blow up. And it was a white mayor leading the city when it happened. Started the downfall. I was a kid, and living 80 miles away in a small town so we received all the tv stations in Jackson. Northpark mall and Jackson were fighting over the location. I forget what Jackson was requesting but or NorthMall development wanted, but Jackson leaders would not bulge. So Northpark just build across the street, In Ridgeland, as the city limits for the 2 cities was down the middle of the road.

And Lakeland Drive. When I am home visiting, every time I get there, it seems my sister tells me she is going to Jackson shopping. I was looking at her like all the way to Jackson. But she really is going to Lakeland Drive, instead of Jackson proper, and 20 miles less than most shopping areas in Jackson (the few that remain).


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I used to live in Huntsville. When I left Huntsville, I moved to the Jackson area and settled in Flowood. And yes, Flowood, like Madison and Brandon, is the white-flight city for white folk movin g out of Jackson.