Fla's 'stand ur grnd law' : 4 caucazoids only?!

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Panther88, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Panther88

    Panther88 Banned

    Interesting read.

    <b><font size="4">Marissa Alexander Stood Her Ground – No One Was Injured or Murdered – She Faces 25 Years In Prison</font></b>
    Posted on 2012/04/15 | 7 Comments

    In The State Of Florida – Marissa Alexander Had A Gun Permit, Stood Her Ground, Did Not Shoot Or Kill Anyone and Faces 25 Years In Prison,Lincoln B. Alexander Jr on behalf of Marissa Alexander

    Case No: 2010-CF-8579
    Division: CR-G

    April 3, 2012

    Dear Supporters:

    On August 1 2010, my premature baby girl, born nine days earlier, was in the Baptist South N.I.C.U. fighting for her life and I would too be fighting for my life in my own home against an attack from my husband.
    My name is Marissa Alexander, I am a mother of three children, but at the present time, I am not able to be with them due to the following circumstances. I am currently sitting in the Pretrial Detention Facility in Jacksonville FL, Duval County awaiting a sentence for three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon with no intent to harm. Before my life changed drastically on that August afternoon, I was in the perilous position of leaving an abusive relationship with my husband who has history of violence and documented domestic abuse towards women. Our history included one which required me to place an injunction for protection against violence and was active during the month of August 2010.

    <font size="4">
    <a href="http://moorbey.wordpress.com/2012/04/15/marissa-alexander-stood-her-ground-no-one-was-injured-or-murdered-she-faces-25-years-in-prison/"><b><u>Click Here For Remainder of Story</u></b></a></font>
  2. SoloMan

    SoloMan Well-Known Member

    I guess it only applies if death is the outcome.

  3. Panther88

    Panther88 Banned

    If you kill him/her and they cannot give a story that's contrary to the truth as you see it, I guess it's okay? :confused:
  4. bluedog

    bluedog "Leader of Kings"

  5. Blacknbengal

    Blacknbengal Well-Known Member

    Is she still locked up?
  6. The Founder

    The Founder Well-Known Member

    As much as I hate to say it the U.S. might benefit from citizens not being allowed to carry firearms. I don't know.....
  7. chocalate_topaz

    chocalate_topaz I wanna be your lover...

    they will repeal this law...with how Trayvon Martin's case has highlighted this law that many hadn't paid attention to...its is now open season on whomever they want to kill...I expect things to get much worse quickly. They'll be calling special congressional sessions to get this law repealed...and when a judge/senator/congressperson's kid finally gets killed...it will come much MUCH faster. WATCH.
  8. Kendrick

    Kendrick The conscious Hulk Hogan Staff Member

    I don't think the law should be repealed. Altered, but not repealed. I also think folks should be allowed to carry guns, too. In states and cities where residents are allowed to carry guns crime rates are lower than areas that don't allow residents to carry guns.
  9. chocalate_topaz

    chocalate_topaz I wanna be your lover...

    concealed weapons laws; permits and stand your ground are all different.
  10. The Founder

    The Founder Well-Known Member

    Kendrick Louisiana has had a concealed weapons permit law and a form of the stand your ground law and crime has not gone down....
  11. Kendrick

    Kendrick The conscious Hulk Hogan Staff Member

    I live in a city where for decades there was an actual gun ban, and the only people who were victims of gun violence were folks who didn't have guns. A cop one time told me the thugs and criminals knew it, and that why it was much easier to terrorize the residents.
  12. PVSAX99

    PVSAX99 Well-Known Member

    My opinion:

    If you own a gun, have a license to use it, and carry it on you, then the idea of you having the intention to use it is very real. If you carry a gun, then you have the intention of using it to inflict mortal harm on somebody else. Even if you claim to only use it for self defense, you are still using it to put lives in danger.

    I don't mind the "Stand Your Ground Law". However, using excessive force with a deadly weapon in order to defend yourself...in a place OTHER than your home...? I am not a fan of that. Why do people think they need a gun to protect themselves? What if the other person has a gun too? What if they feel threatened by you aiming your gun at them? Do you think they have the right to shoot you dead?
  13. bluedog

    bluedog "Leader of Kings"

    Not accurate, Louisiana does not have any form of a stand your ground law as it related to a public area.

    Louisiana has a castle doctrine law which the amended to allow for the home dweller to shoot a person on their property and not have to wait until they break in the home if they feel threaten which they extended to a person car in the case of car jacking.

    Android "The Peoples Champion"..take note.
  14. The Founder

    The Founder Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the correction....:tups:
  15. bluedog

    bluedog "Leader of Kings"

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