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FAMU lost their OL coach Alex Jackson to UTennesse as Offensive Analyst. You guys won’t believe who Willie Simmons is hiring. Let me just say this guy got a DUI and almost killed some construction workers....


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This person has a right to a 2nd chance and he definitely has a story to tell to the young men he's going to be coaching. Many of these players are just arriving at legal drinking age and this Coach can be a person who can open their eyes about drinking and driving. Who knows, this could be his new mission in life to make people aware and change their behavior.
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Come on GRAM4LIFE, he is at least an active member meaning he has two other post:), now LOYALDOG90 see what happens.
Exactly. This dude drops in whenever he misses out on a coaching job he or his client doesn’t get. Miss me on that trash.

If this person is such a horrible human, post their name and let the world judge for themselves. This cloak and danger BS is transparent. This let me tell y’all a secret, gossipy garbage is some hoe shat.