Eucalyptus is the latest wellness trend: How to use the spa secret in your hom

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“We have been using it in our aroma massage for years, to fight off colds and flus and clear out nasal passages,” said Samantha Cooper, spa director at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts, who added the service is one of the resort’s most popular.

“[Eucalyptus] also has a calming presence and the scent is just clean and invigorating so when you put it into the shower, it’s just balancing and soothing and relaxing,” she said. "We talk about conscious breathing when you’re in [the shower] and really absorbing it."

Eucalyptus products are also top sellers at the Hacienda Beach Club & Residences in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

“We use eucalyptus because it relaxes the muscles and levels the mind and elevates the mood and it’s excellent to treat breathing conditions,” said head therapist Minerva Perez.

Placing eucalyptus in your shower is not the only way you can use it at home.