Do You Know Your Blues?


Ooooh, listing the songs might be hard so I'll go with the artists for now. Sorry Z, I know that's not the thread topic, but I can't say that I know all of the titles to blues songs. I know melodies, choruses, but not the real titles.

So forgive me if I twist the topic of the thread just a little.

Of course ya gotta start with BB.

Followed by John Lee Hooker,
R.L. Burnside
KoKo Taylor
Bobby 'Blue' Bland
Lightin' Hopkins
Albert King
Muddy Waters
Etta James
Giutar Slim
Robert Johnson

Can I list Bonnie Raitt and Eric Clapton?? Not sure if you are considering them 'classic' blues artists.

I know there are some others that I like, I just can think of them all right now.


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Man If I start to list songs I will be doing it all day. I love me some blues.

Lately I've been on this McKinley Mitchell kick. End of the Rainbow and The Town I Live In have been played to death.


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If I list songs, I'd never stop. It's some good blues songs that come out just as much as hip-hop and R&B.

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my new favorite song is Ponnanny be still by Poonanny.
Also Call the Police by Stephanie McDee which is more Zydeco is hot right now...but those oldies by McKinley Mitchell, BB,Bobby Blue Bland, Little Milton, Koko Taylor, Denise Lasalle and others are awesome!


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Yeah, I had forgotten about Shade Tree Machanic...

Guys/Gals, I'm asking for every blues song you've every heard. I'm just asking for 2 to 5 Classic favorites (Shade Tree Machanic, Down Home Blues, Let The Goodtimes Roll, etc...). I'm putting together a CD of favorites and I'm trying not to forget one that I really want - Like I was going to do with Shade Tree Machanic...

So, please help by sharing 2 to 5 of your all time favorite blues (they will probably be the ones that come to mind first - ones you heard growing up as a kid - the ones your parents played when you where kid during their spades games - The ones that people hear, throw up their hands with a screem and start singing along with them - etc...)



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No the song I am talking about is new. Its called "Love Mechanic" I can't think of the artist name. He's sang "Hole in the Wall"
Now my all time favorite blues song is " Members Only" by Boobby Bland
I can name several blues song because I grew up listening to them.

Here are some artist you may want to check out

Denise LaSalle
Bobby Bland
Clarence Carter
Johnny Taylor


My favorites:

Johnny Taylor
Millie Jackson
B.B. King
Bobby Blue Bland
Denise Lasalle
Joe Simon


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1. My baby done gone
2. Collard Greens, Chittlins and Shine
3. My baby drank my shine
4. Move Over, I think your Sister's Pretty (zydeco version)
5. She's 50 but She takes Care uh' Me
6. My Man's Gone and Drank My Shine
7. My Man ain't Worth a Bad Bottle 'uh Shine
8. Moonlight Over the County Jail
9. One Juke Joint and Two Juke Boxes
10. Touch My Banjo, Batch
11. My Piano Won't Play a Scale
12. No Shakin' and No Shine Makes Annie Mae a Dull Lover
13. Jack Slapped the FUgg Outta Annie Mae, Ike is Innocent
14. Whoop You When I Wanna
15. Down Home Blues
16. The Blues Down Home
17. Everything Down Home is Blue
18. Blue Whiskey
19. Home is a Downer
20. Pappa Ain't Got to Fry Chittlins
21. Grease Goes Good on Hair and Ham Hocks
22. You Want Tabsco wit Dat
23. Touch the Bass Guitar
24. Stabbed a Man For Cheatin
25. Stabbed a Woman for Winnin'
26. Poker Just Ain't My Game
27. BIDWHIST BATCH!!!!!!!!

There are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many others! If you'd like lyrics, hit me up and I'll be happy to turn you on to the African AMERICAN art form.