Do y'all care if Texas Southern leaves the SWAC?


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TSU ain't the worry - PV fits the demographics better for PWC's.

Not sure PWC's would want to play at MacGregor Park on a Sunday afternoon and you got a car show behind home plate and a BBQ going on in the outfield and a tennis tournament at the time lol

SWAC schools would have a fit if they couldn't play in Houston as that's the highlight of the year for some. Not the same as driving 50 miles outside the loop.


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Who else could the SWAC send to Japan to challenge Godzilla himself?!



id rather have Valley than SU

I can't much blame you. Bama State football, basketball & baseball conference championships likelihood is far greater with S.U. gone and Valley around. It would probably be much easier though if Bama State goes back to the SIAC (nevermind Skegee is over there)......LOL