Digital License Plates Coming to Michigan in 2021 after Debut in California

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Digital License Plates Coming to Michigan in 2021 after Debut in California​

  • A plate company called Reviver has been working on the idea of digital license plates since 2009, and it's taken time to get customers and states to approve the change.
  • Digital plates are more expensive than metal ones, sure, but they can do more, too, like display Amber Alerts or an "I'm Stolen" message.
  • Up next, if things continue to go well, we may see cars designed with built-in license plates.
Today, only two states allow digital license plates: California and Arizona. That's slow progress for Reviver, which formed in 2009 to change how the old, metal-based automotive technology works. But things are about to change, and 2021 is when the company will finally step down hard on the "go ahead, try it out" accelerator.

That's according to Neville Boston, Reviver founder and chief strategy officer, who told Car and Driver that his digital Rplates will be available in Michigan by the beginning of the second quarter of 2021. Boston and his team met with Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson at an auto show a few years ago to discuss approving these non-traditional plates, and it wasn't difficult since, in Boston's words, Benson is a technologist. The legislation is taken care of, and now it's just a matter of integrating Rplates with the Secretary of State's systems and databases.