Didnt some people from Bama use to make fun of our "Confederate" stadium?


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Y'all better stop talking about @atl hornet peeps. He is going to come in here and tear something up! LOL

he gone come in here lying like trump do talking about...

We got more commissioners cups than yo school..
The marching hornet the best band in the SWAC...
Our stadium newer than y’all’s ...
We the only band with big ole corn bred home grown women’s from San Antonio’s that dance in front of our proud dorm ....
Our drum major knees stronger than y’all’s ... they once held them big ole honey bees one time...
we running the swac ... we beat Alcorn tree years ago ... we on the come up...


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When you know better, you do better.
Yall ass shoulda known back in 1928 that the building was named after a redneck racist. Hell, yall took Joe Reed's name down off the Acadome quicker than this redneck.


Shame on you all!!! I bet Joe Reed is looking down on you all like:


"Those backwards ass Bamas!!"
Look at this shit!!!



Joe's name just thrown in the back of some old dirty ass pickup truck and hauled off to be thrown on the ground somewhere.

Where yall putting that racist ass redneck letters that yall took off the dorm? In a museum to be saved?
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atl hornet

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Let's not act like Bama State doesn't have a new football stadium, sugar bees, and are reigning Commissioner Cup Champions though. Don't have @atl hornet come in here, get belligerent, and remind you all again about the great things going on at Bama State! LOL

I wonder if it's still a great day to be a hornet?

During these times, I’m reminded of a line in a Jay-Z song that I swear by

“A wise man told me don’t argue with fools, because people from a distance can’t tell who’s who”

I’ve always wondered what it feels like to be envious of another school. I’ve never spent so much of my time thinking of another institution the way Bama State stays on yalls mind lmao

jealousy is a female trait!


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For those Johnny-come-lately persons (me) please explain the Joe Reed references
Joe Reed was a trustee at Bama State. He was trying his best to clean up the school. They wouldn't listen so he would take the school to court to prove their actions were wrong.

Final straw happened when Reed tried to stop the University from writing a nearly $300k severance check to the former president. The other board members got mad and had the man name stricken from the arena. It was a sad day brother.