Dash Cams - Recommendations?

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With all the crazy going on I am looking into buying a dash cam to record whats going on in front of me and behind me. I have a Garmin GPS that I use to record when I take long trips, but I want something permanent installed in my vehicle, plus the cops in many states can ticket you for the GPS hanging from the window stating they interfere with your field of vision (rarely happens). I know it is important to get the quality memory card (Pro) from my experience with the Garmin.

There are no recommendations in consumer reports. I have read several articles:

I found a local person to install it once I make the purchase. Anybody with recommendations or experiences with dashcams?
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I have an older model Black Vue. I really like it, the only issues is that you have to get their memory cards; at least with the older models, not sure about newer models.
I tried to upload one of my videos , but we can only do pictures.