College football: players have reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus

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Alabama's players have begun to return to campus ahead of voluntary workouts starting next week. At least five of those players have already tested positive for the coronavirus, according to 247Sports. The names of the players who have tested positive for COVID-19 have not been disclosed.

Simone Eli of CBS 42 in Birmingham reported that, not only did five unidentified players test positive, but that many more could be subject to quarantine as roughly 50 players were gathered together on the band field on Wednesday.

Alabama, and the rest of the SEC, is able to open up for voluntary offseason workouts on June 8. Eli reports that the group of players on the football field were there on their own and not part of any organized team activity.

The SEC announced last month that it will allow teams to begin voluntary offseason workouts on June 8. The conference's announcement detailed the proper procedures that need to be taken by schools with players who test positive.

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More universities report coronavirus cases in athletics programs

Several universities this week joined a growing list of schools reporting coronavirus cases within their athletic programs.
Arkansas State reported that seven athletes from three sports programs tested positive last Wednesday. They were all asymptomatic and will remain in quarantine for 14 days, the university said.

Three football players from Auburn University in Alabama tested positive, an Auburn athletics spokesperson confirmed to CNN. The three athletes are asymptomatic and have been placed in self-isolation in a dorm away from the rest of the team.

Marshall University and Oklahoma State University announced they've each had several athletes test positive. And Iowa State University reported one new case.


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Dr. Fauci: Coronavirus Is 'My Worst Nightmare' And Warns 'It Isn't Over'
By Bill Galluccio

June 10, 2020

Dr. Anothony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, says that COVID-19 turned out to be his "worst nightmare" and cautioned that the global pandemic "isn't over yet."

"In a period — if you just think about it — in a period of four months, it has devastated the world," Fauci said in an interview with the BIO Digital virtual health-care conference. "That's millions and millions of infections worldwide. And it isn't over yet. And it's condensed in a very, very small time frame."



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they are not being transparent at all about what they are doing. are these athletes quarantined? did they perform contact tracing?

They will never be fully transparent. These people are so obsessed with football and winning .... it's pretty pathetic how much a priority they make it. That's why so many of these athletes are not as well-rounded as they should be after college ... they spent too much time in football and basketball.

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I got in to a twitter beef with a few folks about this.....their response is "football has injuries this is just one of them"......"people catch the flu all the time"....."COVID19 will be with us forever so we might as well play."......."it's a hoax the president said so" response: Why is the White House closed for tours?


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Georgia football tickets on sale, about 23,000 expected at home games
UGA reports 47 new COVID-19 cases in last week


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COVID-19 outbreak reported at Ole Miss

I can honestly say that I hardly feel any sympathy for the players at Ole Miss.