College Football Hall of Famer Rudy Hubbard is not a member of the Black College Football HOF, he shared his reasons why


This isn't surprising to me. A disgrace....Who in the hell needs to fraternize with folk to be inducted in the BCF HOF. His credentials are what matters. I've seen this buffoonery before........


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sounds like some typical gatekeeper n***a shit! glad he got the last laugh lol...The BCF hof "clique" should be ashamed for this type of immaturity...disgusting.


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Yes he deserves to be in because of his contributions to HBCU football.

That being said, there is gonna be a backlog for at least 5 years or more with deserving players/coaches who are in/nominated by the College Football Hall of Fame but not by the BCFHOF. Doug Porter (former head coach at Valley in the 60s) is IN the "big one" but has yet to be nominated by the BCFHOF. Vincent Brown, Bob Gaddis and Ashley Ambrose (along with Dickinson) are on the ballot for the "big one" as well but are not even on the ballot for the BCFHOF (hell we could probably add at least 4-5 players on if we wanted to).


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“I talked to Shack Harris. And Shack was saying some stuff that he felt like what I really needed to do was patronize all of the different events, Hubbard said. “I’m in the big one now. And I’m not about to be running around trying to negotiate for that, you know, that’s just not my style.”

LOL!!!! Okkkkkkkkk!!!


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Man I have a NEWFOUND respect for Doug Williams and James Harris. Kinfolk, the 2nd one, always had my respect but now it's elevated to a higher level.

Keep Hubbard's ass out of the BCHOF. lol He'll make better decisions the 2nd time around, if there is a repeating life for us all. lololol :D