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Damn straight! We got em for y’all PV we got em! We bullied the bully today !
Thank ya'! Thank ya' kindly THEE.

Those voodoo worshipping and practicing witch doctors came to our home and started tossing a jet-black dark skinded lil' 3 foot midget on their sidelines around like a football, started chanting some non-communicable words I never heard before, and commenced to put the beatdown on us. 🙁

We are a hospitable people. They were inhospitable. I wonder if it was coincedence that the city of PV experienced its first violence and had 3 teens shot immediately after that game vs SU. 🙁 Don't think for one second that we didn't see where 11 kids got shot after SU's HC'ing game a week back, Jags. 👀👀 Coincedence? 👀