Boom vs Pride


I'm 'Citrix SSO' batch!!!
USM is playing with house money, so they've got nothing to lose.

I'm looking for a good '1st show' drill from the Boom, along with clean sound and good marching....
And 20+ bass horns certainly doesn't hurt.

Get'em Boom!!


"Eye Of The Tiger"
This should be funny lol I hope they play more than just Neck. I'd like to hear usm at least try to compete and play a couple of Top100 Songs. They will be terrible but it'll be fun(ny) for the fans.
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Its not the first time they did this with any band even in their conference its just they're with a HBCU. some of these comments are crazy as if bands dont stay after to play anyway. GSU had a 25. Min 5th with UC in 2015 both bands met on the field and stood side by side exchanged songs. This is also good for both bands to we get a idea of different styles of playing, song selection and try something different plus both bands get to see two styles of halftime and both crowds get two different flavors of shows im sure they're use to two similar shows as we HBCU ARE use to two similar shows lol. First game too good way to start off a already looking great swac season. Have fun boom.


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You GOTS ta be kidding!!
And we bet not get caught combining both bands like another school did.:smh:
What school? A few have and it worked very well. Its not for everyone but NCAT an GSU made the news and newpaper for it. Shows unity. But how is it kidding you the boom stays and plays after games with a band across from them or not i love to see and hear these different styles of playing.