Blocked on Twitter.


Hey, I am blocked by @RealHBCUsports on twitter
My handle is @JMCBook at twitter, I don't really understand why i was blocked. At this point, there's no need to answer that but I'd greatly appreciate being blocked,

I've been a member here at HBCU Sports since the old SWACpage "SBInc vs The Establishment" days
I am a frequent reader and sharer of this site's content. So for me, logging on to twitter today (which I rarely do) only to realize that I was blocked by a the twitter account of website that I have absolutely love, boggled me.

My post count may not reflect what I've stated so far. but I've spent all those years as administrator of the sites as well as having my own "following" over the years. so I understand what it is to deal with the nature of the beast within our forum communities and now our social media platforms. .

Personally, I am an advocate of these sites because In its origins, our sites were the foundation for HBCUs communities online. We all have taken hits due to the rise of social media platforms, yet still to this day I encourage people to come back to these old forums, because they're for us and by us.and they made many of us who we are today.

- Book :)