Blacks living in St. Louis during the 50s and 60s.....

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  1. Bane

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    Should sue the F#CK out of the government for this shat!

  2. Gsu95

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    this is just like the Tuskegee experiment and the works of the CIA in giving people high powered drugs to see how people react to them all points to the fact they saw blacks as sub humans in finding out how to combat certain bio chemical warfare AND to tell you the truth there is no telling how many other experiments they have done :noidea:!

  3. Brave

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    read medical apartheid

    this story :shame:
  4. CEE DOG

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    Man there is a reason why cancer numbers are so high in this country. This type of stuff goes on more than we think. From chemicals being leaked into the waters we drink, from the food supply experiment our farm animals we eat are given, not to exclude the air we breath just being outside.

    CATMENDUE2 The Cat Catcher II

    Yeah like the so called polio vaccine given to millions of young African American males in the South in the 50's which cause 100,000's to become sterile.
  6. CEE DOG

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    Yall should look up the DDT spill in the Tennessee River in Triana,Al a small lil town in Huntsville back in the 80's. They finally paid those poor black people back in the early 90's after all them folks getting cancer from spilling chemicals into the water from the base where these folks fished at and got drinking water.

    Olin Agrees to Clean Up DDT in Triana, Alabama Area
    [EPA press release - April 21, 1983]

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced today that the Olin Corporation has formally agreed to a multi-million dollar cleanup of DDT contamination around its former manufacturing facility, the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, and to provide for health care for the residents of the nearby community of Triana.

    "The agreement marks the first time an EPA enforcement action has provided for health care for an affected population," said EPA Acting Administrator Lee Verstandig.

    Verstandig added, "This unique health care provision provides $5 million to establish the Triana Area Medical Fund, Inc., which will provide primary health care and monitoring of the residents. This is a non-profit corporation whose Board of Trustees will consist of representatives of both local citizens groups and the federal government."

    Many of Triana's 1000 residents have been found to have elevated levels of DDT in their blood, primarily from the consumption of DDT-contaminated fish caught in Indian Creek, which runs near the plant site. The small community is about 12 miles from the Arsenal.

    EPA announced general terms of the agreement on December 30, 1982. The final agreement was lodged with the U.S. District Court in Birmingham, Alabama, April 15, 1983. A notice announcing a 30-day comment period was published in the Federal Register the same day.

    DDT was manufactured at the Redstone Arsenal site from 1947 to 1971 by Olin and the predecessor lessee of the site, the Calabama Chemical Co. In 1972, former EPA Administrator William D. Ruckelshaus, currently the EPA Administrator-Designate, banned the use of DDT in this country, except for limited situations.
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  7. jsupop33

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    If you ever get a chance, watch the beginning of the shock doctrine.
  8. J C

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    Some in our government have done some bad things. The fast and furious debacle is a recent example.

    FAMU CLIFF New Member

    This came out years ago. And it wasn't only St Louis. And they still do it. Google chemtrails. Eisenhower warned us, but you have Blacks today who want govt involved in everything. Dummies
  10. J C

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    Not true...just political rethoric

    FAMU CLIFF New Member

    What's not true?

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