Biden proposes free HBCU tuition and full student loan cancelation for HBCU alums


I think something may happen not just exclusively for HBCU students but for all. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have been talking about different versions of student loan forgiveness throughout their campaign. If these two are a part of the Democratic plank, there is a strong possibility that some form of student loan forgiveness will be a part of it. Biden is a veteran and shrewd politician. When politicians speak, one has to be careful of how it is interpreted. Are HBCU students a part of all college students? Yes. So if all students get some form of loan forgiveness then his statement was truthful. In terms of free tuition, he already put an income ceiling on it. So, one just has to wait and see what happens because there again you have to see the details. It is not a novel idea as I remember Pres Obama wants to do something similar for community colleges. At one time prior to the Ronald Reagan administration, there was something called the BEOG grant that covered low-income students' tuition. I'll end here because a lot more can be said about this....
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