Bethune Cookman vs Alabama State Game Thread: 5:00pm CT


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To listen to the Bethune Cookman Broadcast: click here
To listen to the Alabama State Broadcast: click here

Game Time: 5:00pm CT
TV/Stream: ESPN+

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I was going to stop in the Gump and attend this game, but I don't think BCU is bringing the band so I just kept going and came on to Mobile for our game.


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I hope the next move our commissioner makes is an investment into the SWAC network and encouragement in the form of financial help to those schools who need it in their media departments. It’s ridiculous the lack and just ok coverage we get.


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LMAO a white screen then a we will fix it message. The game comes back just intime for an apology then more white screen. I can't make this up. Anybody at the game want to go live on social media?