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Discussion in 'The Band Board' started by mustardmanSU_04, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. mustardmanSU_04

    mustardmanSU_04 Arranger/Composer

    I have heard a few people mention it in passing as they reply on a thread or something of the sort, but no one has said what band etiquette IS, or what it SHOULD BE, so I'm about to jot down a few little things that I think it should be.

    1. Have fun in the stands (Minus being rude/lewd and beatting up drunken fans or hecklers.), but be stone-cold professionals marching in/out the stadium and on the sidelines before the show. These are the times when people REALLY see the bands. Normal people are not really watching the bands while they are in the stands because they are stationary, so they don't expect to see anything.

    2. Play at appropriate times for the flow of the game, because we actually there, believe it or not, to support the football teams.

    3. One thing that I know we always did every game in high school, and I think would be a good thing for the colleges to do, is send over the DM's and section leaders to the away team side for a meet and greet with the opposing bands DM's and section leaders.

    Anyone else have anything to add along the lines of general courtesies and do/do nots?
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  2. Gsu95

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    This could be debated but I think that because of internet and other outlets that part could be omitted (notice, could be (meaning would be implemented also)). Also as it was stated in earlier posts that the rocking to the side while playing while the rest of the band is still playing can but cut (I hope band directors are paying attention to this) and I am not trying to be a hard arse I am just saying. And ONE MORE THING: I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH PLUMES FALLING ALL OVER THE FIELD WHILE MARCHING AND DANCING; IT SEEMS TO PUT A DAMPER ON THE WHOLE EFFECT OF LOOKING GOOD WHILE PERFORMING. And finally I think that bands need to work on horn holding techniques because I see Southern's trombone section holding their horns at a 45 degree angle while marching and the rest of the band hold their horns parallel to the ground while the baritones hold their horns with the bell just under their arm pit while the horn is tilting at a 45 degree angle pointing towards the ground (at times). The whole band should be parallel or however they do it but it should all be the same (not just SU but any band).
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  3. mustardmanSU_04

    mustardmanSU_04 Arranger/Composer

    Imma tell you...... For whatever reason, my damn plume just wouuld NOT stay in through an entire field show. ALWAYS fell out.:noidea:
  4. CriTAUcal

    CriTAUcal Do Good; Good Follows

    We did that in high school, too.
  5. Gsu95

    Gsu95 Active Member

    I figured that sometimes it was unavoidable so I guess I probably should have kept that one. I wish there was away because it really make the band look together :clap:.
  6. dacontinent

    dacontinent Preacher

    I understand the issue, but this has nothing to do with etiquette, really. It has more to do with the fit of the equipment.

    I will add these:
    1. There needs to be a discussion on the flow of the day. Once the game starts, I would believe it is proper to allow the visiting band to play at the first break or timeout on the field/floor. The bands would alternate. But, the flow might include things like whether there would be play on changes of possession, turnovers, etc.,...and how to signal if a band is forfeiting its turn to play. With today's technology, the cell phone would work just fine.
    2. There needs to be a discussion on how the bands are going to enter and exit the field at halftime so conflict is avoided.
  7. southsuburbs

    southsuburbs What I Live By...

    If the band is at the football game for the purpose of supporting the team and keeping the fans into the game...why should it matter what the other band is doing?

    I know as a fan I always want to hear the Boom, LOL. The Boom should play every chance it gets (without getting in trouble) to keep the fans into the game/team's spirits lifted. if the other band happens to be playing then oh well...they are playin to their team/fans.

    I don't think folks should go over to the other band during the that for after the game or how about...before the game starts.

    I think a discussion on how bands will enter/exit the field is good if there's the possibility the two bands will get in the way of each other. If "your" band enters from the front sideline and the other band is exiting on the front sideline then the waiting band needs to step ALL the way out the way until the other band is off the field. But then the other band can't take their sweet time exiting the field either! LOL
  8. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    All I can say is "I'm so glad, I marched when I did!" :tup:

    The discipline taught/enforced carried on into my post-band days.
  9. SUtrp96



    One thing I hate is when one band try to play "over" another band because you simply don't want the crowd to hear your competition..

    What made New Orleans so great to me in my time was.. we went song for song... It was understood... Band A played.. it's Band B if band B took too long.. Band A would start yelling..."BLOW..BLOW...BLOW...BLOW"..

    And if Band B don't respond than hear comes Band A again...

    I also hate when drum sections are playing while the opposing band is playing...That's dumb to me..
  10. MACKG


    That's when you know you're jamming really hard.

  11. MACKG


    I don't know if this has been discussed, but please show respect and restraint when the other band is playing their school's alma mata. I know you may have just won the big game, but out of respect, let them finish their school song.
  12. yvette23

    yvette23 New Member

    I totally agree with that. :nod: It's nothing wrong with having disipline in the stands, but dayum have a little fun and be creative- do some crazy stuff.

    For example, me and my LS's were recently watching some 93 footage of us at the MCC; there was this one part where the trombone section was playing one of our signature fanfares in the stands while the rest of the band remove the plumes from their hats and wave dem shats to the sounds silly as hell, but it looked live as hell on the video. :lol: Like we were having a lot of fun. Mind u- those of u who remember the MCC 93 also remember how fuccin COLD it was!! :smh: But we still had fun in the stands like the weather didn't even matter. :tup:

    It's a bunch of other crazy stuff we used to do in the stands; lil routines and stuff.....but I don't see that shat now.....they just sit there like a bunch of dayum zombies. Stiff azzez. :rolleyes: :lol:

    Yeah, we did that in HS as well; but I think college (especially HBCUs) is a different animal though; I can't really picture JSU/SU, ASU/AAMU, etc meeting up without somebody talkin shat- especially these new school folks. :emlaugh: Now I do recall members of KKPsi/TBS from both bands meeting up back in the day. :tup:

    Same here!! :clap: :clap: :tup: And yeah, all the things I went through definitely carried over. Hell, I don't even walk on the grass for fear that an upperclassmen, big sis of TBS, or Coconut might jump out the bushes and "get me." :scared: :emlaugh:
  13. mustardmanSU_04

    mustardmanSU_04 Arranger/Composer

    I don't see it being a problem. I agree that maybe BEFORE the game, or during the 5th would be best timing (THough NO section leader will want to NOT be with their section during "wartime".). Also, as far as the isht talking, I don't see it being an issue. It would be more friendly talk, and innocent trash-talk.... Not like the Ca$h Money crap-talk you would hear on here.
  14. SUtrp96


    We actually did that in 99 with FAMU..... Well I do remember their DMs coming over by us.. I can't recall if our DM Mario went over on their side... Knowing how Doc was withhim that year, probably not...

    Them cats kept asking us to play "Can You Feel it" again for
  15. mustardmanSU_04

    mustardmanSU_04 Arranger/Composer

    I guess they figured ANOTHER jolt would start their hearts back!!!!:lol:
  16. yvette23

    yvette23 New Member

    Oh I didn't say it was really a problem.....I'm just saying I can't picture it. :lol: But hey, anything is possible. :tup:
  17. SLT

    SLT Active Member


    This should come from the Band Director, but if you were not taught better, you won't do better.

    :lol: @ Vette and the grass! "Get off the Grass CRAB!!"
  18. number1

    number1 Well-Known Member

    We did that with the "other people" schools, but not against our rival schools.
  19. Psilent_rage

    Psilent_rage Member

    This was handled by KKY and TBE when I marched. They still do it today at some games.
  20. mustardmanSU_04

    mustardmanSU_04 Arranger/Composer

    :retard:...... You mean our paler-brethren?!
  21. SLT

    SLT Active Member



    lol.. meeting the other bands... that's country..
    only "Happy" Bands do that..
  23. SLT

    SLT Active Member

  24. southsuburbs

    southsuburbs What I Live By...


    Exactly! Sit y'all azzes down and play!! :lol::lol::lol:
  25. SLT

    SLT Active Member

    If you weren't KKY or TBS, you did just that.

    Sat your azz down... :)

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