Bama St / Texas Southern weekend


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I'm thinking about going since I'm not going to Baton Rouge this weekend.
damn, who is going to represent PV down there this weekend?

no band is coming to TSU from what I hear so might as well go down I-10 and see some football and enjoy your time


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My son has a scrimmage on saturday so I have to watch him(first year playing) rather than travel to Baton Rouge.....sorry


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If they're even playing.......I might need to check it out.........

and there it is.............

mighty hornet

The HMIC!!
Sorry mh will not be coming
I'm sure all the fine ladies of Houston are disappointed

If you go, I expect you to have a black and gold shaker to cheer on the HORNETS!!


No Mulligans!!
I'll be there this weekend!!!!!I'm arriving Tomorrow morning!!!
Me and the Host of Coach Cole show are driving up this evening!!!
Fiyah,Phatback and Tara set it out!!!! I'll see what I can do to get you some passes to the game!!!
I'm staying at the S.W.Hilton!!!! W.Davis!!!
Set it out!!!!!! Ribs,Gumbo,Red beans and rice,Cat Fish!!!!
Single women!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!! :D